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Are you a fan of UFC? I'll never forget watching Brock Lesnar win his first UFC heavy weight title. His match against Randy Cotour was one for the ages. What amazes me about the UFC is its brutal efficiency. Don't worry I'm not some nut who enjoys violence. But I love an efficient game plan when it comes to sports.

Within three rounds a UFC fighter must quickly find weaknesses and attack. A submission hold of some kind is used to win the match. I've seen matches end in two rounds and 30 seconds.

In high school it would've been cool to learn how to brutally save for retirement. Here's a list of UFC tactics you can use to save more money for the retirement you deserve.

The "UFC" Savings Plan

UFC Tactic #1: Get In the Ring

One of the main reasons we fail to save for retirement is apathy. We don't want to get our hands dirty dealing with our money. It's much easier to make it and spend it at will. Once you decide to eliminate debt, control spending and have a budget, you're responsible. The "ignorance is bliss" attitude is out the window.

And that can be scary. Watch the eyes of the UFC fighter as he marches toward the ring. They want to get in the ring. They have no problem facing their obstacle and attacking him head on. Use the same attitude with your personal finances. Get in the ring of personal finance. Decide today you're going to win a title of your own. Once you make that decision you won't regret it. Something sweet happens when you decide to get involved. Energy and wit you didn't think you had, comes rushing in.

UFC Tactic #2: Size Up Your Opponent

It never fails. When a UFC fighter gets into the ring he quickly sizes up his opponent. He watches how he stands, puts up his guard and moves in the ring. He won't attack until he sees a quality strike.

Size up your financial situation. How close are you to retirement? How much money do you have saved? Do you even have a 401K? When my wife and I first sized up our "mess", the picture wasn't pretty. We had to take a hard long look at all the debt, overspending, etc. Our "opponent" was formidable. But once we did something cool happened. We knew we could beat it! Sizing up our financial situation allowed us to see where we were spending too much money.

We saw that if we trimmed here and destroyed spending there, we'd be marching toward a fat retirement in no time. No matter how dire your financial situation is, you can beat it. There are parts of it you can attack and protect your retirement.

UFC Tactic #3: Show No Mercy

If it weren't for the referees in UFC, I doubt there'd be many fighters left. It doesn't stop the fighters from going in for the kill. Show no mercy to your debt. Once you see what's causing you to have a lean retirement attack it. Use extra money to pay down debt. Put more into your 401K on a regular basis. When the fight is over you'll be standing over your debt like a heavy weight champ!

These are only 3 of the UFC tactics you can use to fatten your retirement. Develop your own and let me know how your progress is going. When you really want to win in life, fighting efficiently is the only way to win. Keep fighting the UFC way and win a retirement you won't forget!

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