Blog Archive: January 2022

Asset Allocation Series Part 2

Asset Allocation: Part 2 of 5 This is the second article in a series of five that discusses asset allocation, in easy terms.  The first article focused on you - what asset allocation is and why you need to use it. This article will teach you... Read More

Asset Allocation Series Part 1

Asset Allocation: Part 1 of 5 Often financial “experts” make asset allocation difficult to understand.  Our goal in this series of this blog is for you to understand asset allocation thoroughly, in an easy to understand... Read More

Greed? Random Movement? Value? What Drives Markets?

Greed? Random Movement? Value? What Drives Markets?           Successful investors tend to follow a disciplined approach to the market. If the market isn’t trending in their favor, then they call... Read More

Fingers Crossed for Corporate Tax Reform

The phones are constantly ringing in my office these days about the current tax initiatives. How will this potential tax reform affect stocks, and how much will eventually flow to stockholders? There is still some uncertainty about whether the two... Read More

Will My Money Last throughout my Retirement?

If you are planning for retirement, your head is probably spinning with questions like these: Will my money last throughout my retirement? How do I calculate retirement needs? How much money can I withdrawal from my portfolio each year... Read More

Retire Fast - Most Americans Still Not Investing Enough Toward Their Retirement?

In the years since World War II, the United States has seen an incredible growth in affluence as a nation.  But, most Americans are still not investing enough toward their retirement.  From author Ron Blue's book Master Your Money " ...In... Read More