Retirement Accelerator

A retirement accelerator may be one of the best tools that you will come across when you start saving for your retirement. Wondering what a retirement accelerator is? It is a tool that will help you to increase your savings. It helps you in making additional payments as a replacement for your fixed monthly contribution. This is a great way to maximize your contributions, so that you have more money when you retire. Our retirement accelerator has been designed by financial experts that will help you to find the difference in your income level. Contact a Financial Advisor today and build your account balance faster to have a smooth retirement.

Annual Contribution Limit

The total amount that you pay every year is based on your annual salary and the percentage that you contribute to every year. When you increase your retirement savings, it does not affect your take home pay but affects the federal income tax. This calculator will help you in sorting out all these details. Go to Resources Financial Calculators

Gross Pay

The total amount of money without any deductions.

Pay Period

How often you get paid is your pay period.

Annual Rate of Return

This is the return that you get on annual basis on your account.  The calculator will assume that you deposit monthly but the returns are on an annual basis. Go to Resources Financial Calculators

Current Age

What your current age is.

Age of Retirement

The calculator will assume that you will retire at 65. 

Expected Annual Salary Increase

The percentage increase of your salary on an annual basis. It will be assumed that your salary will increase at the same rate until you retire.

Current Contribution Rate

The amount of money that you are putting aside for your retirement plan.

Contribution Accelerator Percentage

This will take the percentage increase in the employee contribution every year.

Contribution Accelerator Percentage Stops

The maximum amount of contribution that you can make.

Since our retirement accelerator will be doing all the work for you, it will be easier for you to plan out your future and decide the amount that you need to put aside every month towards your retirement plan.

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