Retirement Crash Test

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You might think that you are all set for retirement, but are you really? Let’s have a look at the retirement crash test to see how prepared are you for your retirement:

Looking at the Asset Allocation?

Asset allocation establishes the framework of an investor’s portfolio and sets forth a plan of specifically identifying where to invest one’s money. Advocates conclude that proper asset allocation has the potential to increase investment results and lower overall portfolio volatility. Critics argue that the interconnectedness of financial markets makes traditional asset allocation less beneficial. It is Retire Fast opinion that both are correct – asset allocation can lead to better overall results, but the implementation needs to be flexible enough to adapt to longerterm trends in the market. Typical Questions you should ask your self?

• Why asset allocation is still one of the most important strategies an investor can employ? 

• Why asset allocation and diversification should be addressed concurrently but thought of separately?

Contact Retire Fast to understand our views on this subject and how our asset allocation models are derived?

Asset Allocation is one of the most important factors that will determine your financial performance. Simply it is the ratio of equity investments to fixed income investments. The equity (stock) portion of your investment influences growth while the fixed income portion (bonds) provides stability. Your TRUSTED financial advisor will assist you in determining the best ratio that provides sufficient growth to meet your goals while factoring in your tolerance for risk.

Calculate the Downside

You can’t be 100% sure about how your investments will do in case of a major meltdown. You may not be able to come up with an exact figure but you can at least get an estimate about how your portfolio would be affected in case of any setbacks. Your main aim is not to predict how the market will do if it experiences another crash, but to see how your retirements savings will be affected in case that happens.

See the Impact of Your Retirement Future

Refer to Bob’s retirement calculator and enter important information like your initial savings, annual withdrawal, average expected inflation, management expenses and your asset allocation between stocks, bonds and cash. Once you enter all these details, then Bob’s retirement calculator will provide an analytical snap shot that will help you determine if your money will last a lifetime throughout retirement based on how things are going right now. A TRUSTED financial advisor will get in touch with you to determine if you can Retire Fast and win the race to retirement.

Importance of Retirement Crash Test

Once you determine if your money will last a lifetime, you can discuss how you can protect yourself by talking to your financial experts at Retire Fast. If you have any questions regarding the retirement crash test and how your retirement funds might get affected, get in touch with us by clicking here to speak with a Trusted Financial Advisor.

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