Look Closely At Your 2018 401k Limit?

Look Closely At Your 2018 401k Limit?

What choices have you made now that it's time to plan for your future?  Have you opened an IRA for savings?  Have you signed on for your employer sponsored 401k?  Or have you been working with a stock analyst to determine which investments you can make that will help you to achieve all of your retirement goals?

When you save with either an IRA or with an employer sponsored 401k, there are limits to the amount that you can contribute.  2018 will be no different than other years.  The amount that you can contribute to your 401k will depend some upon your employer.  There will also be a 401k contribution imposed by the federal government.

But are you sure that you want to be limited in the amount that you are able to save for your retirement?  Do you want anyone to be able to tell you how much money you can save in your account?

That isn't to say that you should stop saving in your employer sponsored 401k.  There are benefits to saving with a 401k despite the contribution limits for 2018, most notable of these benefits is the matching contributions that your employer makes.

But just because your employer also contributes does not mean that a 401k is the fastest way to grow your savings.  What if there were other ways that you could save for your future that would not have a limit imposed for 2018 or any other year for that matter?   What if you could evaluate your savings accounts and your investments to know which were the most beneficial to you?

There is one easy way for you to evaluate all of the savings and investment accounts that you have.  With Bob's Free Retirement Calculator, you can take a look at the way that all of your savings accounts - whether they are an employer sponsored 401k or a Roth IRA or annuity accounts - and your stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed over time.

You'll also be able to see how your savings and investments are projected to perform over the next 30 years.  The projections will take into consideration the way that changing interest rates and inflation will affect your savings and investments.

More importantly, you'll be able to look at the changes that you've considered making to your savings and investment plans.  You'll be able to look at the way withdrawals will affect your income now and after you've retired.  You'll also be able to look at the way that investing in different stocks or bonds might benefit you more in the long run than the investments that you have now.

And after you've had the chance to really look at your savings and investments, you'll be able to ask your questions to a professional financial advisor.  When you use Bob's Retirement Calculator, you'll receive a free consultation with a retirement advisor.

Ask all of the questions you have: Whether or not you should invest more of less in your 401k plan given the 2018 contribution limit; whether or not an IRA or a 401k is better for you.  Discuss the changes that you are thinking about making to your investments.  And, during your consultation, develop a plan for saving for the retirement that you've always dreamed of - a plan that will ensure that you reach all of your financial goals.

In order to invest wisely, you need to understand your savings and investment accounts.  You need to understand the 401k limit for 2018 and the years beyond it, and you need to know whether or not a 401k is the best way for you to invest in your future.

Find out now whether you're heading in the right direction or if you need some help getting to your destination: Try Bob's Free Retirement Calculator Today! and we will connect you to a TRUSTED Financial Advisor in your Local Area.

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