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Calculating Your Retirement? Look at More Than Just Social Security?

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What are you relying on for income after you have retired and no longer have a steady paycheck coming in? Social Security, stocks, mutual funds are all common sources of retirement income. However, without careful planning. You cannot be sure that any of those things - alone, together or with the addition of other savings and investments - will be enough to ensure that you have the income you need available to you when you retire.

After all, it is hard to have not heard the news. More and more people are finding that, due to under-funding of the program, they can no longer afford to retire based on the checks that they will receive from Social Security. Even though they have contributed to the system the whole time they've been working, Social Security can no longer be a guarantee that you will be able to meet your financial obligations after you are no longer working.

Though the government has made promises that people will still receive checks from Social Security after retirement, many people are becoming increasingly concerned, doubtful that they will have a steady Social Security income. The doubts that they have are leading them to research other ways to finance their retirement, ways that they believe will be more secure than Social Security.

In some cases, this means that they are turning to their financial advisors and asking questions to determine which stocks, bonds and mutual funds they can invest in so that they will be able to achieve their retirement goals. In other cases, they are reading newspapers, magazines, books and posts on the internet that promise to deliver investment strategies that will give them the returns they are looking for.

Still others are more cautious when it comes to calculating their retirement and Social Security benefits. These individuals spend their time researching their investments that they have made and the ways those investments have performed over time. They look at the way interest rates and inflation will affect their future savings.

A third group just panics. The members of this group just begin saving as much money as they possibly can, investing in a wide variety of stocks and mutual funds.

Saving and investing as the result of an emotional panic, however, does little more than counting on Social Security to ensure a financially stable retirement. Instead, when you hope to find a secure retirement plan, you need to make that you have solid information and accurate projections.

One measure that you can take to get control over your retirement plan is to download the free retirement calculator that is available at the bottom of this page. With it, you will be able to perform Social Security calculations. You will also be able to closely examine the investments you've made to see how your stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed over time.

More than that, you will be able to use it to look at interest rates and inflation along with the projections for your investments to determine how secure your retirement really will be. And, most importantly, you will be able to look at the ways in which changes you make to your investments will affect your savings overall.

When you retire, you want to be able to achieve your goals. You also want to find yourself unprepared when your income is up to you. This is also the case if you have been depending on Social Security for you retirement: you don't want to retire to find that the promised payments are not there for you.

In order to be sure that you are able to achieve your retirement goals, you need to have enough information. But you also need someone who has more experience, who knows how to make retirement dreams a reality. And that is why, when you download this free retirement calculator, you will also receive a free consultation with a financial advisor.

During that consultation, you will be able to ask the questions that you have about investing as well as the questions that you have about Social Security. You'll get the answers that you need, and you'll learn how to put your investment plans into action. Once you develop an investment plan and follow through with it, you will find that you are more secure about planning your retirement. When you talk with a professional retirement counselor, you will know that you have someone on your side who is dedicated to helping you put your plan into action.

If you're still relying on Social Security for your retirement and are looking to find real security, you owe it to yourself to try our retirement calculator. Be prepared in case Social Security isn't enough, calculate the income that you will have available to you: click the red button to download our free retirement calculator and ensure your secure retirement.