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When it comes to retirement, women sometimes feel that they are at a disadvantage. They worry that they will be taken for the fool and given bad investment advice that's meant to put a little extra cash in the pocket of an untrustworthy retirement advisor. They worry that neither their financial concerns nor their retirement goals will be taken seriously.

When it comes to retirement, women sometimes worry that they will not have all the tools that they need to understand their savings. They sometimes fear that they will be unable to make ends meet after they've retired. They sometimes fear that, if all of their extra money is going to retirement savings and investments, they won't be able to make ends meet in the meantime.

When it comes to planning for retirement, women aren't alone in worrying that the decisions they make may not be the best ones possible. Men frequently have the same concerns: Will I be able to have to money to provide my family with a home if I am saving as much as I can for my retirement; will I be able to pay for unexpected medical tests; if I need to withdraw from my retirement savings, how will it affect my income both now and after I retire?

Sometimes though, when it comes to planning for retirement, women take charge. They make lists of the goals they have for their family. They estimate the amount of income they will have from pension plans and Social Security as well as their retirement accounts. They look at the differences between the money they will have and the money they will need to reach all of their retirement goals.

That's why many women, when they are planning for retirement, use our free retirement calculator. They understand that a simple click of the red button on the bottom of this page will give them access to a valuable financial planning tool -Bob's free retirement calculator.

What's so great about it? Well, it allows the user to look at the ways savings and investments accounts have performed in the past. It allows the user to see projections for how their savings and investments will perform in the future. It lets the user see the way that changing interest rates, inflation and other changes will affect the income that they have when they retire.

More than that, Bob's free retirement calculator is a tool that lets you explore the changes you are thinking about making to you retirement savings and investment plans before you make them. That's right, even before you invest in a new stock or mutual fund, you will be able to see how that investment will affect your overall retirement savings.

But when you try our free retirement calculator, you get more than just a tool that will allow you to investigate your financial future. When you access our retirement calculator, you will also get a free consultation with a trusted financial advisor.

During that consultation, you will be able to -as many men and women have already done -ask the questions that you need to have answered. You'll also be able to get advice on how to turn your financial strategy into a plan that you can put into action.

It's easier to work with trusted financial advisors when you understand what they are telling you. It's easier to understand your savings and investments -as well as the advice you get from the financial professionals -when you have the right tools.

Our free retirement calculator is the right tool for understanding your savings and investments. Whether you are a man or a woman, you'll be able to have the comfort of knowing that you are not being led down the wrong investment path. Make sure that you stay on the right track -click the blue button below to access Bob's free retirement calculator today.