Retirement Tools and Calculators

Retirement Tools & Calculators

Retire Fast.

Bob's Free Retirement Calculator & tools will help you be more predictive and proactive regarding saving for retirement and help you in building a retirement income strategy to meet your needs. Bob's Retirement Calcualtor determines the maximum money you can safely withdraw from your retirement savings account while ensuring that your money will last a lifetime.

Everyone needs to know the answers to the following questions before retirement:

Will my money last my entire retirement?

Have I saved enough toward retirement?

Have I allocated my assets properly for retirement?

How much money can I withdraw from my retirement portfolio annually?

How will inflation impact my retirement portfolio?

How will management fees impact how long my money will last?

How do I keep current with latest retirement news?

Fortunately, the first six questions can easily be answered using Bob's Free Retirement Calculator.  The Retirement Calculator is simple and even easier to use.  To use our retirement tool, simply enter a few simple numbers into the program and your results are revealed instantly.

Don’t rely on just savings in retirement, make a plan to keep income going throughout your Golden Years.

Bob's Free Retirement Calculator includes all of these features:

  • How management fee's impact how long your money will last
  • Includes 1973/1974 & 2000/2002 economic downturns
  • 30 year projections
  • Inflation factor enhancements
  • Interactive retirement asset performance analysis
  • Colorful graphical interface
  • Big charts & graphs with new capabilities
  • Easily export data to Microsoft Excel
  • Real-time "what if" retirement analysis on the fly
  • Actual vs. Hypothetical vs. Inflation Proof retirement analytics
  • No additional programs are required to run retirement calculator
  • Access Online Web Based
  • Financial Tips & Hints included
  • Instant web customer support
  • Definitions page

Get the Retirement Tools and Bob's Free Retirement Calculator so your retirement future is bright!

How do I keep up-to-date on the latest news impacting my retirement?


To continue your retirement education, consider a Free Financial Tips & Hints newsletter. The newsletter provides investment education in easy to understand terms, to help you, the individual investor.  The service more than pays for itself each month in savings and investment return.  Through this newsletter, you will become informed and empowered to take over control of your investments.  Now that you know how to fund your retirement, get out there and do it!

As an added value Try Bob's Free Retirement Calculator Today!