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The One Tool You Need To Help You Hit Your Retirement Target?
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Do you have a retirement target? Does it look like a dart board? In the center is the amount of money that you hope to have saved. Around that retirement target are rings that, as they expand, get further away from that amount but are still within the range that you find acceptable.

And, if you do have a retirement target, how are you aiming for it? Is it like a child's party game: Do you feel like you're wearing a blindfold, someone is spinning you around and you are trying to see how close you can get to the target? Or are you looking at your retirement target and approaching it like a sniper - practicing taking shots at it from a variety of distances?

Regardless of how you approach reaching your retirement target, it is important to have one. It's important to know what your goals are. It's important to understand what you want to accomplish after you've left the workforce and to know how to get there.

Consider your own retirement target. Consider what's between you and it. 

Are you able to start saving money right away or is there debt that you need to dissolve before putting money away?  Do you understand the investments you've made; do you know the difference between a stock, a bond, a mutual fund, a certificate of deposit, an annuity account and an IRA?

Do you understand the way that the investments you've made have performed over time? Do you know how they are projected to perform in the future?

Knowing about and understanding your investments are important parts of aiming for your retirement target. Just as you don't often hit the center of the board when you throw a dart blind, you don't often hit your retirement target without knowing what you are trying to hit.

So, how do you take aim? Do you spend countless hours looking at your investments? Do you break down each share of stock, each bond and each individual share in a mutual fund? Do you take the time to look at your savings accounts and the interest rates that they are set to accrue?

Or, rather than doing all of the work on your own, do you call in the experts? Do you ask your financial analyst to coach you through from finding your retirement target to hitting it?

We think that it's a good idea to take your best possible aim. That means that you know your retirement target well, and you know the tools that you have to get you there. You know your investments- both how they've performed and how they will continue to perform. You build a solid understanding of inflation and interest rates.

And then you get rid of the obstacles, those things standing between you and your retirement target. Those obstacles may be bad investments. They may be withdrawals from your retirement savings that you need to make. 

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With it you can see where you want to be. You can look at different strategies to help you reach your retirement target. You can find ways of eliminating the obstacles that stand in your way.

And you can even talk to a retirement counselor for free. You'll get a consultation with a financial planner, someone who can coach you and help you make sure that you hit your retirement target - and not miss the mark completely.

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