Retirement Target Date

The Sure-Fire Way To Hit Your RetirementTarget Date so you can Retire Fast!

Retire Fast.

Have you set a retirement target date? Do you have a plan in place that will allow you to look into the future and say that on a given date you will have the money that you need to leave your job and still live comfortably?

It's important to have a retirement target date because it allows you to look into your future and set definite goals. And, keep in mind that having a retirement target date and a deadline for reaching your financial goals does not mean that you need to actually retire on that date.

Like any goal, a retirement target date is just a way of saying 'I will do this by a certain date.' You may have more than one retirement target date: One on which you will have the money to retire and another on which you will actually leave your job.

We think, however, that setting goals is important. We think that, when you set a retirement target date- or any other retirement goal- that you will be more dedicated to making sure that your investments and savings will pay off.

One tool that you can use to help you reach your retirement target goals is Bob's free retirement calculator that you can download by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this page. How does using this retirement calculator help you achieve your goals?

There are a number of different ways, including:

  • The ability to evaluate the way the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you've invested in to see how they've performed- individually and together - over time;
  • The ability to get 30-year projections about how the investments you've made will perform;
  • The ability to determine ways in which changing interest rates will affect the investments and savings accounts that you have as time goes on;
  • The ability to determine how your savings and investments will hold up to inflation and other rising costs;
  • The ability to determine how withdrawals that you make from your retirement savings will affect the amount of money that is available to you when you retire; and
  • The ability to evaluate the ways in which changes to your investment strategy will affect the way that your retirement savings will accrue without the risk of making a bad investment.

We believe that when you set a retirement target date, or any retirement goal, it shows that you are committed to making your financial planning successful. Bob's free retirement calculator will give you the ability to explore different ways of achieving that success.

And better yet, when you access our free retirement calculator, you'll receive a free phone consultation with a trusted financial advisor. You'll be able to ask questions that you have about your own investments and the changes to the strategy you're using to reach your goals.

You'll get answers to those questions. You'll be able to get advice on how to put your plans into action - plans that will help you make sure that you will be prepared when your retirement target date comes around.

Are you doing everything that you can to be able to retire when you want to? Are you sure that you'll have the income you need even after you don't have a steady paycheck coming in?

One very simple step that you can take is to click the blue button below and access Bob's free retirement calculator. With it, you'll be closer than you've ever imagined to achieving all of your retirement goals.