Retirement Staff

Isn't It Time To Fire Your Retirement Staff? 

Retire Fast.

When you started to plan for your financial future, did you hire a retirement staff? Did you bring on an accountant, a stock broker and a banker to look over your investments and tell you what they thought? Or did you assemble a sort of invisible retirement staff made up of article writers and free online advice?

Have you considered making retirement staff cutbacks? After all, it is possible to understand your investments on your own. There are ways of choosing your investments without hiring others to do the research for you.

Why pay your accountants and brokers to research the way stocks perform when you can do the research yourself? 

Maybe you have your reasons. Maybe you feel that you're wealthy enough that you can afford to let someone do your research for you - that you can afford to have a retirement staff. Maybe you're intimidated by the amount of work that you think researching your investments would require. Or maybe it's just that you don't even know where to begin so that you can get the research underway.

But rather than having a retirement staff, rather than spending countless hours researching stocks, bonds and mutual funds, why not take advantage of an easy-to-use free tool that allows you to take a close look at your investments? Rather than relying on others and counting on advice given to others, why not Try Bob's free retirement calculator?

Instead of having a retirement staff do the research for you, you can enter information about your finances, savings and investments - as well as your goals - to see whether or not you're Retire Fast. Use it to look at the way your investments have performed in the past. Use it to examine the way the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you've invested in are projected to perform as time goes on.

You can have confidence in the projections that the retirement calculator makes because the values will have taken into consideration interest rates and the way those investments are affected by inflation. Perhaps you'll like what you see and won't believe that you need to make any changes.

But it's more likely that you will see that there is room for improvement in your retirement plan. That's why our retirement calculator goes further. With it, you can see the ways changes to your investment strategy will affect your savings - and only follow through with the changes that will benefit you the most.

Even more valuable, when you access Bob's free retirement calculator, you'll also receive a free consultation with a trusted financial advisor. Rather than having a retirement staff, you can form a two-person retirement team - you and a trusted retirement advisor.

Together, you can identify weaknesses in your plan and determine what steps to take to turn them into strengths. You can get your questions answered, and you can take action on the plans that you've made.

It doesn't take a retirement staff to ensure your financial success. It only takes a willingness to understand your goals and your investments, and the choice to act.

Show your commitment to acting for your financial success. Fire your retirement staff. Click the blue button below to get access to Bob's free retirement calculator and consultation with a trusted financial advisor.