Retirement Shortfall

Retirement Shortfall - You don't want to be on the short side of the stick in Retirement?

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Worried About a Retirement Shortfall?

When it comes to planning for retirement, shortfall is likely the last term that anyone wants to have describing their financial situation. Simply put, as you may guess, a retirement shortfall is a situation in which you just are not going to have the finances that you need in order to make ends meet and do those things that you want to do - travel, spend time with the kids and grandkids, playing more golf.

A retirement shortfall is something that becomes increasingly likely to happen if you are not making an effort to save for your retirement because it's always been something that you have believed that you can start "later." A retirement shortfall is something that will become increasingly likely to happen if you are not making an effort to save for your future and to choose those investments that are likely to help you to reach the goals that you have, whatever they may be.

There is good news, however: there are a number of ways in which you will be able to work to prevent a retirement shortfall. The simplest way is to take advantage of Bob's free retirement calculator that you can access from the bottom of this page that will enable you to get a better sense of whether or not you will be able to have the retirement that you have always dreamed of.

With the free retirement calculator, you will be able to look at your savings accounts - individual retirement accounts, certificates of deposit and even more traditional savings accounts - to see how you savings will add up if you continue to contribute a set amount each week or month, to see whether or not, once interest and inflation amounts are taken into consideration.

Similarly, with the free retirement calculator, you will find that you are able to look at the investments that you have made - your entire stock portfolio on the whole as well as individual stocks and shares of mutual funds. You will have the opportunity to use Bob's free retirement calculator to see how those investments have performed over time, how they are doing now and how they are projected to perform into the future.

Some people who use the retirement calculator will like what they see; others will find that they are in a position in which they can predict a retirement shortfall. Regardless of which group you find yourself falling into, you will be able to take advantage of the follow up call from a trusted financial advisor in your area, someone who can suggest changes that you could make to your savings and investment strategy - in some cases small changes - that will make a big difference.

No one wants to run the risk of a retirement shortfall; why not take advantage of simple tools that will allow you to predict and therefore prevent the risk of your not having the money that you need once you have retired? With just a little bit of planning, with making small changes to your savings and investment strategy, you will find that preventing a retirement shortfall is easier than you may have imagined. Try Bob's Retirement Calculator Now.