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Retirement School: Learning to Beat the Odds so you can have a successful retirement!

Retire Fast.

Retirement planning is one thing you need to get right.  You should not have to work your entire life.  A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce found that only five-percent of all Americans are financially independent at age 65. In addition, this study also showed that an astounding 75 percent of all retirees are forced to depend on Social Security, family and friends as their only sources of income.  According to the Social Security Agency, Americans can expect to receive only 40 percent of their pre-retirement income from Social Security.  Most financial planners suggest that retirees will need at least 75 percent of their pre-retirement pay, to ensure a comfortable retirement. The remaining 35 percent (75 percent, if Social Security fails), not provided by the U.S. government, will have to be provided by individuals using their pension funds, savings or investments. Therefore, every worker must learn about finance and investing to ensure a comfortable retirement.

I know what you are thinking.  How can I educate myself about finance and investing? I am too busy and I am not a "numbers" person.  How can I possibly learn what I need to know? As Lao Tzu said, "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

There are several ways to educate yourself about finance and investing, even if you are time conscious and mathematically challenged. Traditional education vehicles include - books, magazines, and classes.  New education vehicles include - Online classes (Webinars or Webcasts), electronic newsletters, and web sites.  Several national organizations provide quality online, as well as, traditional classes. One such national organization is BetterInvesting (, also known as, the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC). Another is the American Association of Independent Investors (AAII) (  d

Through the Free Financial Tips & Hints Newsletter, you will become informed and empowered to take over control of your investments.  Topics covered by the Financial Tips & Hints newsletter include:

  1. Bob's Free Retirement Calculator
  2. Introduction to business opportunities.
  3. Health Insurance and Health Care Costs
  4. Retirement News Letters
  5. Where to Retire Resources
  6. Retirement Communities
  7. Retirement Planning Resources
  8. Asset Allocation Strategies
  9. Money Manager
  10. Jobs over 55
  11. Internet Technologies and Services
  12. Computer Training Information and Resources
  13. Annuities and Long Term Care
  14. Estate Planning
  15. Senior and Retirement Websites
  16. Financial e-Books
  17. Retirement Products and Services
  18. Meeting people and making long lasting Friendships

In addition, Financial Tips & Hints newsletter subscribers are encouraged to submit questions or topics you would like to see covered in the newsletter.  

We at Retire On Trac LLC. want nothing more for you than to have you be one of the five percent of Americans who are financially independent at age 65.  We do not want you to have to rely on Social Security, family or friends as your only sources of income.  We will provide the education; the rest is up to you.

Access Bob's Retirement Calculator today to determine the maximum amount of money you can safely withdraw from your retirement savings account while ensuring that your retirement money will last a lifetime.