Retirement Resume

What Do You See On Your Retirement Resume?
Retire Fast.

Sometimes, planning for your retirement can be a lot like planning to get a great new job. In fact, it's possible to plan for your retirement career just as you plan for a career in business or some other field. When you begin thinking about the retirement that you want, consider writing a retirement resume.

As a professional resume would, your retirement resume should contain an objective. Take a moment to write out the things that you want when you retire: The ability to travel, time relaxing, the comfort of knowing that all of your bills will be paid, the ability to help put your grandchildren through college.

Once you've put your objective on your retirement resume, start thinking about your skills. In this case, what have your investment strategies been? Determine whether you've taken many or few risks. Consider the ways in which you've invested - whether you've put your savings into stocks, bonds, mutual funds or savings accounts. Look at your ability to determine which investments have the best rate of return.

And after you've thought about your skills, add your successes to your retirement resume. List the investments you've made that have grown quickly. List the investments you picked - whether on your own or based on the advice of your financial planner - that have been extremely successful.

In addition to your successes, you'll want to use your retirement resume to evaluate the education you've had when it comes to investing. This education may be from discussions with a financial advisor. It may come from reading magazines or the financial section of your local newspaper, or even the Internet. 

Once you've written out a basic retirement resume that covers all of those areas, take a close look at it. Is your retirement resume enough to get you the retirement that you've always dreamed of? Or are there changes that you could make that would make it even better?

We think that you deserve the best retirement possible. We think that, no matter how great your retirement resume is, there will always be room for improvement. And more than that, we want to prove it to you.

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You'll be able to look at your retirement skills with the retirement calculator too. You'll be able to evaluate the investment strategies that you've used in the past and that you will use in the future as well as how they will affect your retirement savings.

You'll be able to see how the stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed over time. You'll also be able to determine whether or not your investment strategies have been as successful as you've thought they are. 

When you access Bob's free retirement calculator, you'll also have access to tools that will help you learn more about the future of your investments. You'll see how the stocks, bonds and mutual funds are projected to perform over time as well as how they will be affected by inflation and interest rates.

Even better than that, you'll be able to consult one on one with a trusted financial advisor who can help you to utilize those tools to make your retirement plan guaranteed to succeed. You'll be able to get answers that will make you even more successful - answers that will add to the qualifications on your retirement resume.

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