Retirement Recruiting

Don't Fall In Love With That Retirement Recruiting Firm Yet?
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It used to be that recruiting services were hired by companies who wanted to get the best staff - people who hadn't necessarily even known that a position was available, let alone applied for it. Now, retirement recruiting is becoming more common.

The economy, while it is booming, isn't benefiting everyone equally. More and more, people are finding that they are unable to have the luxurious retirement they'd dreamed of during their working life. Instead, they are finding that they are forced to enter back into the work force.

That's where retirement recruiting comes in. Rather than leaving it up to the retirees themselves to seek out a position, someone from a retirement recruiting company gets in touch with them and encourages them to go for the interview.

A retirement recruiting company does more than just searching for the right older worker, they also manage databases of companies that welcome a more experienced worker. But, as much as working with a retirement recruiter can prove beneficial to the job seeker, we think that you would prefer to not have to deal with one.

Wouldn't you rather plan for your retirement in such a way as to not need to find a way to supplement your retirement income? Wouldn't you prefer it if you had the money that you needed to pay the bills and have the lifestyle that you'd always hoped for?

We believe that it's possible for you to manage your retirement savings and investments in such a way as to avoid having to rely on a part-time or full-time paycheck on the side. All it takes is the ability to do the research.

What kind of research? Research into how the investments you've made have performed over time. Research into how the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you've invested in are expected to perform as time goes on - and how the rate of return on those investments will be affected by interest rates and inflation.

Maybe you're thinking that it would be easier to just take on another job than to do all of that research yourself. Maybe you think that it would be impossible to get that information and have it prepared in a way that was easy for you to understand.

You'd be wrong. All it takes is for you to click the red button at the bottom of this page. By doing so, you'll be able to access Bob's free retirement calculator.

Our retirement calculator lets you put in the values of your savings and investments, lets you get information on your stocks, bonds and mutual funds. You can see how your investments have performed, and can learn about how they will continue to perform over time.

But more importantly than that, you'll be able to see how small or large changes to your investment strategy can affect the outcome of your retirement planning. Thinking about changing the stocks you invest in? Use the calculator to see how the change would affect your savings. Looking at making a withdrawal from your retirement savings for an important purchase? Use the calculator to make sure that it won't sink all of the hard work you've put in to earning money for your retirement.

And then, rather than taking a call from a retirement recruiter, take a call from a retirement counselor.  Along with your accessing of Bob's free retirement calculator, you'll receive a free consultation with a financial advisor who can help you make sense of your investments and how they can work even better for you.

Let the recruiters put their efforts into recruiting someone else - take the time to try Bob's free retirement calculator and secure your financial future. Just click the blue button below to get started.