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There really is no magic retirement plan that can get you ready for retirement quickly. But the good news is there is still hope. The sooner you start, the more likely that you will meet your retirement goals - both financially and emotionally.  Even if you are late (over fifty) to the retirement planning stage, there is no need to surrender to a bleak retirement future.

At a recent BetterInvesting, the Security and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Lori Schock, warned against different investment scams.  Often times, unscrupulous, so-called financial advisors take advantage of investors looking to make money quickly.  According to Ms. Schock, "they use buzz-words to sell you their investment products, like "guaranteed", "limited offer", "safe as a Certificate of Deposit", and "risk-free"."  Use of complicated language is also used to confuse you. They do this because they know most people will not ask for clarification, because it may make them appear stupid.  Ms. Schock also advises, to be weary of advisors who recommend exotic or unusual products.  If your inner voice is telling you it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

"Pump and Dump" are the most common investment scams. These scams are where promoters urge you to "buy now, or lose out."  You may be contacted via email, telephone, and the internet. When people invest in the stock, the price rises sharply. The con artists sell at the peak and leave the investors holding an empty bag after their promotions effort stops.

But, if you are looking for hot investment tips, or the below items please visit our resources page:

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If you feel you were the victim of fraud, (1) act quickly, (2) call the advisor who sold you the security and write a letter to their firm, (3) contact your state regulator at and (4) use the SEC's online complaint form at

If you visited any of the hot investment tip web sites I suggested, consider yourself lucky.  You have had a preview of how easy it is to fall victim to a scam. If you did try to invest in any of these scams, you will get a polite message from Ms. Schock's office advising you that you have been taken.  Lucky for you the government, at least in this case, won't take your money.

Start Late, Finish Rich is a good resource book for late comers.  In Bach's book, he says that anyone can finish rich, if they are willing to "spend less, save more, and make more." The book describes simple ways to accomplish to this. To stay informed about the latest retirement news and how to avoid investment disaster, consider a FREE subscription to the Financial Tips & Hints newsletter.  Your retirement future can be bright, if you take the right steps toward retirement planning now. Remember you control your retirement future.

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