Retirement Pensions Plans Not Reliable

Quit Relying On Retirement Pension Plans And Start Living
Retire Fast.

Does the news that many companies are eliminating retirement pension plans make you nervous? Does the fact that the government has said that it's perfectly acceptable and legal for companies to do away with retirement pension plans as a way of cutting costs so that they don't go out of business make you uncomfortable?

For a long time, retirement pension plans motivated people to stay in a job. Not only did retirement pension plans encourage company loyalty but also they gave employees the promise of a steady paycheck even after they retired.

Unfortunately, costs are always on the rise. The cost of living keeps getting higher. So does the cost of doing business. Large and small corporations are finding that they can no longer do well and promise their employees the futures that they have promised.

Have you been planning your retirement income based on a retirement pension plan? Are you worried that when it comes time for you to retire you won't have your pension to fall back on?

Do you have an alternate savings and investment strategy in the event that your company cannot make good on the promises of their retirement pension plans?

We hope that you do because we believe that you deserve to have the retirement that you've always dreamed of having. But we know that you may find yourself short on planning time if you were relying on a retirement pension plan.

That's why we hope that you'll take the time to access and use Bob's free retirement calculator. With this calculator, you'll be able to see which investment strategies would work best to ensure your financial stability after you've retired.

You'll be able to determine investment strategies based on the level of risk that you're comfortable taking.  You'll be able to see how the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you consider investing in have performed over time. You'll be able to get projections about how they'll perform over the next 30 years.

Not only that, but you'll also be able to see how interest rates will affect your investments and your savings. You'll also be able to determine how your investments will stand up to inflation. 

But what if you're not sure whether your investments are the best ways for you to grow your retirement income? Bob's free retirement calculator will allow you to see how different financial plans will affect the returns on your savings and investments. And, because we understand that you may have a limited amount of time to save and invest if you have suddenly lost your retirement pension plan, we want you to use our retirement calculator to find the best strategy for reaching your financial goals.

We also know that if you have been counting on retirement pension plans for your retirement income you may not have your own financial advisor. That's why, when you try our free retirement calculator to determine your investment strategies, we'll also provide you with a free consultation with a retirement counselor.

During that session you'll be able to ask questions, get answers and be sure that the investment strategy you act on really is the best one for you. We want you to succeed, and we want you to find an investment strategy that will allow you the same retirement income that your pension plan had promised.

Whether you've lost your retirement pension plan or you fear that you will, we hope that you'll try Bob's free retirement calculator. Get the peace of mind that you need to be sure that you have the retirement you deserve: Click the blue button below to make sure that you have the retirement income you need in order to have the retirement that you've always dreamed of.