Retirement Magazines

Know Yourself And Ditch Those Retirement Magazines
Retire Fast.

Tell the truth: How many retirement magazines do you read? Probably not many with the internet, mobile devices and smart phones.

Whether you read none or your read 20, how do you know that you can rely on the information you get from a retirement magazine? How do you know that the information is good for you to apply to your retirement strategy?

A retirement mag isn't always the best way to go. You'll get information from some experts, but they don't know you. You'll also find that the experts in the retirement magazines don't always agree.

One may suggest always playing it safe. Another might say that you should always take risks. How do you know which advice you get from reading a retirement magazine is going to have a positive impact on your retirement savings?

One way is to make an effort to understand your own retirement goals. Do you want to just be able to make ends meet? Do you want to have enough money saved that you can travel? Do you want to be able to help put your grandchildren through college?

Everyone's retirement goals are different. If you don't believe us, just look at the letters to the editor in the retirement magazine: Each person who writes in will have a different reason or they'll have a different way in which the articles they read helped them.

Once you've identified your own retirement goals, you need to understand your investment strategy. There are quizzes and such that you can take that will help you get to know your investment personality. But once you know what your goals are and how much you're willing to do, how do you go about putting your plans into action? 

This is where you'll find that each retirement mag has a different idea for you. And that's why we think that there might be a better way to figure out your investment strategy. We think that, rather than taking a 'hands off' approach and getting tips from a magazine, you should do some research for yourself.

One way of doing that is to access Bob's free retirement calculator. With it, you can identify the investments that you have or, if you're just starting to plan for your retirement, that you want to make. You can analyze the way those stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed over time.

More importantly, you can see how those investments are projected to perform over the next 30 years. You'll be able to see how interest rates and inflation will affect your savings - something that the writers of each and every retirement magazine agree is important.

But you'll also be able to test strategies without the risk. You'll be able to see how small changes - and even big changes - to your investment plan will affect your savings in the long haul. Not only can you see how different investment strategies will affect your savings, but you can also see how withdrawals you make from your retirement savings will affect the amount of income you have after you retire.

Another benefit that you get when you access Bob's free retirement calculator that the writers and editors of a retirement magazines will suggest you use is that we arrange for you to have a free consultation with a financial advisor.

During this consultation you can ask questions and get answers based on your individual retirement needs. You'll be able to get great advice that will help you put your investment plan into action.

It's easy to get investment confidence when you know your goals and your investing personality. While looking at a retirement magazine you'll get great advice, but we guarantee that you'll be ahead of the curve if you get to know yourself using Bob's free retirement calculator. See for yourself: Click the red button to get started now.