Retirement Job Hunt

Prevent That Dreaded Retirement Job Hunt
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Are you afraid that you'll need to perform a retirement job hunt? Are you nervous that even after you've worked hard throughout your life, you'll still need to find a job after you've retired?

If so, you're not alone. Many people are worried that their dreams for retirement won't come true. Many people see that Social Security is underfunded. They see that companies are dissolving pension plans in an attempt to cut costs. The rate of inflation and increasing costs of living make people nervous that no matter how well they save and invest they won't have the money that they need when they retire.

It's something that you've learned throughout your life. If you want something you need to save the money to get it. If you don't have the money, you need to work to earn it. 

So it stands to follow that if you don't have the money you need after you retire, you need to perform a retirement job hunt to get out there and re-enter the work force.

But what types of jobs do you think you'll find when you do a retirement job hunt? Do you think that you'll still be in an office or do you believe it's more likely that you'll end up being a greeter in a retail chain?

The truth of the matter is that the options you will find when you perform a retirement job hunt probably won't be ideal. You'll find during your retirement job hunt that you may end up taking a job that you think is well below your skill level.

But what if there were ways that you could plan more effectively for your retirement so that you could be sure that you had the money that you needed without having to perform a retirement job hunt? What if you could save and invest well and ensure that you had the income to support your retirement dreams?

How much time, money and energy would you be willing to put into researching your retirement well?

What if it was possible to simply download an easy-to-use tool that would do the research for you? What if that tool was also recommended by respected financial analysts and did not cost a thing?

You'd probably suspect that such a tool can't possibly exist, but it does. Ray Martin, financial analyst for CBS News talked about it on the CBS Saturday Early Show. He encouraged viewers to look into and acess our free retirement calculator.

With it, you can evaluate the savings and investments that you have now. You can look at the way the stocks, bonds and mutual funds you've invested in have performed over time and see how they are projected to perform over the next 30 years. You can see your interest and inflation rates will affect your savings.

But even more importantly, you can see how changes that you make to your investment strategy will affect your future. You'll also be able to determine whether or not withdrawals you make from your retirement savings will affect the amount of money that you have when you retire.

Once you've downloaded our free retirement calculator, you'll also be able to talk one on one with a financial analyst who can answer your questions and help put your investment strategy into action.

We don't want you to perform a retirement job hunt unless you want to find a job to occupy some of your time. That's why we hope that you'll access Bob's free retirement calculator and take advantage of the free consultation with a retirement counselor.

There's nothing to lose and only financial security to gain. See for yourself: Click the blue button below to get started right away.