Retirement Interview

Retire Fast.

Do you need to prepare for a retirement interview? That depends.

Are you looking at an interview for a job to supplement your income because you did not save as well as you'd thought for your retirement? Or is your retirement interview a series of questions about your retirement planning?

If the definition you're using for retirement interview involves applying for a job, you will need to prepare yourself. You'll be competing with younger applicants who the company can pay less because of their lack of experience. You might need to explain gaps in your employment history. Even worse, you might need to prepare to be interviewed by someone who is the age of your children or grandchildren.

Actually, more than preparation for that kind of retirement interview, it seems like you need to prepare for a retirement that is financially stable without getting a part-time job. 

In order to plan for your financial stability, it probably does make sense to prepare for that other kind of retirement interview: The kind that asks important questions about your retirement planning.

If you're preparing for that kind of retirement interview, get ready to answer the following questions:

  • What do you want out of your retirement?
  • How much money can you regularly add to your savings and investment plans?
  • Do you want to make high risk investments with a chance of a higher pay out or do you want to take limited risks where you have little chance of losing money on your investments?
  • Do you know how the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you've invested in have performed over time?
  • Do you know how your investments are projected to perform in the future?
  • Do you know how interest rates will affect your savings and investments?
  • Do you know how your savings and investments will stand up to inflation?
  • Is your investment strategy going to be effective for achieving your financial goals?
  • Is there something that you could be doing differently that would be advantageous to your financial future?
  • How would your financial security, after you retire, be affected if you needed to withdraw money from your savings now to pay for an unexpected expense or the down payment on a home?

One way of making sure that you can answer all of these questions (and more) is to try our free retirement calculator. You can then see for yourself. Research the performance of your investments and get projections about how they will perform over time.

You'll be able to look at the way changes to your investments and savings will affect you over time. And, after you've accessed Bob's free retirement calculator, you'll be able to use your own interviewing skills.

You'll be put in touch with a retirement counselor for a free consultation. Use that conversation to ask all of the questions that you have. Use that conversation to get more information about putting a new investment strategy into effect.

Whatever the retirement interview you have scheduled, make sure that you're prepared. Take the time to think of the questions, and understand how to answer them.

Know the answers you need for your financial planning interview. Click the blue utton below to access our Bob's free retirement calculator so that you'll be prepared to have the retirement you've always dreamed of.