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Offers Digital Marketing Services for RIA's & Top Financial Advisors Contact US Here. The below business model is not offered any longer via the websites listed below. was launched in April 2007!

Subscribe to and start to receive targeted and qualified online leads in real-time. was built from the success of Retirement Calculator, Inc. which develops and distributes thousands of retirement calculators online that help seniors determine if there "Retirement Money Will Last a Lifetime".  The Retirement Calculator was featured live nationally on CBS TV "The Early Show" in New York. founders have an extensive background in lead generation technology, financial markets, interactive marketing, business intelligence and complex database systems. We understand the core principles of customer relationship management to world class customer service which is critical to the longevity of any business. is focused on providing quality products, services and information to individuals who are interested in exploring their retirement options. We provide our clients access to talk to qualified financial professionals about the best solutions related to their retirement. partners with qualified financial professionals to help our clients better understand their retirement options. We provide our partners leading edge tools and information to help them provide the highest quality service possible. We develop a customized set of solutions for each of our financial partners so they can exceed the client's expectations. Approach

How do we get the leads? has over 350 geo-targeted retirement related websites that provide two products - our famous Retirement Calculator 2.0 as well as our Retirement Intelligence Information Services which is a bi-weekly newsletter that provides investment education in easy to understand terms, to help the individual investor make better financial decisions with their retirement savings. We also provide them with our Retirement Knowledge Center which is packed with retirement and financial related articles in a robust database. We integrate our products into an interactive online questionnaire to get the most relevant data possible. has partnered with some of the largest Senior related websites and uses its own proprietary internet marketing technology. We also advertise on specific financial related sites as well as Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, and integrate email communications, search engine optimization, online surveys, micro sites and more into our marketing strategy.

Who should purchase our leads?

Ours leads are truly the best for "retirement planning consultants" who really can sell the complete retirement package - 401k, Long Term Care, Annuities, Life Insurance and more. Based on years of data collected we understand that our leads are looking for 1) consultants 2) financial advisors who offer more than just a product. They want a financial consultant to advise them about a retirement solution that is customized to there unique and specific financial needs.

How good are the leads? leads are fully opted in and complies with the CAN-SPAM Act. In addition, places a disclaimer on the top and at the bottom of every website to ensure that our prospects are fully aware that a retirement planning consultant will be contacting them. In addition, after our leads opt-in they get an automated triggered email response indicating that a retirement planning consultant will be contacting them in the near future.

We capture: First Name, Last Name, Address, City State, Country, Birth Date, Email, Phone , Size of Retirement Portfolio, Types of Investments they Own, What Financial Products they have Interest in, Time of Day to Contact them and more.

Once we capture a lead we are not finished until it goes through an extensive data cleansing process. We clean, qualify and scrub our data in real-time using some of the best validation tools in the database technology industry.

Then, our clients can completely customize and filter the leads by location (state, zip code, area code, metro areas), by interest (401k, Annuity, Long Term Care, Life Insurance), size of portfolio, age and more.

Please Note: Some of are leads are not Senior leads but are younger adults looking for a retirement planning consultant. We do our best to insure that the leads are qualified and they are looking for retirement planning consulting. Beyond that there is no guarantee to the quality of the leads.

Retirement Toolbox (For Members Only)

More than just a quality lead provider...

At we want to be more than a quality lead provider. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to be a successful retirement planning consultant. Some of the tools we provide are listed below.

You get a copy of the Retirement Calculator 2.0 software. This will allow you to provide a "retirement planning analysis" with the client based on there financial assumptions.

We provide you with a pre-packaged telemarketing script to get started with your sales process. You can customize this as you go.

Interactive Marketing Consulting Services include:

  • Website Development and Optimization
  • Web Creative Services
  • Email Communications / Newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Geo-Targeted Pay Per Click Programs (Yahoo and Google)
  • Custom Micro Sites
  • Online Surveys
  • "Featured Advisor" Advertisement to our National Database of Seniors and Retiree's
  • "Featured Advisor Advertisement" on 100 of our retirement related websites
  • Training on the Retirement Calculator Software.
  • Retirement Webinars (coming soon!)
  • And more.

How do I get my leads?

Option 1: Access your leads online directly at You will be able to download your customized leads in real-time that are purchased right from our website. Our system allows you to easily download your leads to your desktop and is database compliant with almost all contact management software and spreadsheets.

Option 2: We can email the database to you at the end of the day based on your selection. This is a batch process and is not real-time.

Option 1 is recommended and is the easiest process. We could fax the leads as a last resort.

How much does a Membership Cost?

Our membership is the lowest cost in the industry and provides the biggest bang for your buck. We charge an annual membership of $49.95 which includes all the leads you would like to purchase as well as our Retirement Toolbox services which separates us from any quality lead generation company. In addition, you will be charged $17.95 for each lead you decide to purchase online via our best of breed credit card processing system. The interactive marketing solutions will be billed separately on a case by case basis.

You pay only for the leads you receive. The first month is billed the day you sign up for a total amount of $49.95. You can cancel any further year at any time. As any annual service, the months of service or leads used are not refundable. However, you can cancel your membership at any moment. If so, please advise us 10 business days previous to the next annual renewal or you will be billed.

Can I purchase leads without a Membership?

No, the reason for this is simple. You will not provide any value to the leads without the Retirement Calculator Software. Remember, the client downloads the Retirement Calculator Software prior to your phone call and they are familiar with the recent engagement and interaction with Retirement Calculator Services. This is your opportunity to respond quickly and become a true retirement planning consultant. You will be able to assist the prospect with the Retirement Calculator and start to begin your sales process by adding value.

What is your replacement policy?

We will not replace any leads. Why? Because of the low cost of our lead service and our world class database infrastructure and validation tools we have built predictive cost analysis into the overall pricing strategy that delivers the greatest return on our client's investment over time. Only one exception to the rule - if the end user could not download the Retirement Calculator Software which has occurred at an average rate of 3% based on historical data then we will replenish the lead (No questions asked). We will monitor this on a case by case basis with each individual advisor. Example: We expect to replace 3 leads for every 100 leads purchased. Anything above this threshold will be handled and serviced appropriately.

Do you offer Training on the Retirement Calculator Software?

Yes, currently our schedule for training is once a week every Monday from 1:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. EST. The training session is fun and totally interactive. In this session you will learn the basic product features and functionality as well as how the Retirement Calculator is used by our U.S. customers nationwide. There will have to be at least a minimum of 25 seats filled per week to have a training session. If we don't fill the seats there will be one to one training available.

Why should I sign up Today? can be an important strategic partnership to your business. We invest in the time it takes to make your business a success. We realize that if you are successful is the main reason why will succeed and continue to provide the quality service you deserve into the future. We are in this for the lifetime value of this relationship and it is in our best interest to keep refining the integrity of the leads we deliver to you and make our process better for years to come. The "Retirement Toolbox" as a stand alone service would cost thousands of dollars in intellectual property and consulting services. We realize by offering you world class interactive marketing services will help maximize your online visibility and provide you the internet infrastructure your company needs in today's technical savvy world. Your offline business will benefit by utilizing our consulting services, tools and resources to increase revenues and profits. Our number #1 goal is to provide measurable results that lead to a solid ROI (return on investment). We all need a little edge to our success in the retirement planning consulting industry.

Sign up Today to start receiving your retirement planning consulting leads and become our strategic partner for life.

Contact David Phillips for more information about and how you can purchase leads today prior to our launch date.