Retirement Concept

Retirement Concept

Retire Fast.

Baby boomers are increasingly moving after retirement.  Today, 45 percent of all baby boomers are expected to move and this number is on the rise. This retirement trend has lead to the boom of the latest retirement concept - Active Adult Retirement Communities (AARCs).

Traditionally, the choices for retirement living were few - live independently or in a nursing home.  The options have now been broadened to include - retirement communities, assisted living facilities and home health care. Many larger senior housing facilities incorporate all of these categories.

Skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes) are now restricted to those seniors who require full-time nursing care.  Seniors can either stay on a long-term or temporary basis, dependent on their needs. Like nursing homes, home health care offers a full range of medical and other health related services - such as physical therapy, nursing, counseling, and social services.  But, instead of the patient living in a facility and receiving their care there, it is delivered in the home of a patient by a medical professional. Assisted living facilities are for seniors who require some assistance with their daily activities, but who do not require full time nursing care.  The U.S. government's Medicare website allows you to compare home health care agencies and nursing homes in your Area.

Retirement communities offer independent living accommodations for seniors. Of the retirement communities available, Active Adult Retirement Communities (AARCs) fast becoming the most popular. These retirement communities have residents that are typically at least 55 years old and want to maintain an active independent lifestyle. They often offer all the luxuries of an exclusive resort - swimming pools, spa facilities, and private movie theatres.  In fact, many AARCs are planned around golf courses and airports (these communities sport aircraft taxiways that start at the end of the residents driveways.) 

Before relocating to any retirement community ask these questions:

  1. Is it a low crime area?
  2. Is the community close to friends and family?
  3. Is quality health care available?
  4. What are the cost of living and taxes for the area?
  5. What is the weather like?
  6. Does the location fit my lifestyle?
  7. How far away are your favorite activities (i.e. concerts, parks, fishing, golf, museums, shops, religious centers, etc)?

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