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When some people plan to retire, they look for a retirement community. They want to find -whether they are living in Nevada or New York -a community. They want to find a place where they can live near people with similar interests who are in similar situations.

And that's why some people look for a retirement community. They look for a place to live where they will be able to spend time with others. They look for a community where they will be able to share their hobbies. But the biggest advantage of living in a retirement community is that the people who live there will be able to share stories and build relationships based on common experiences.

In New York, there are a number of options when it comes to finding a retirement community. It is possible to find retirement homes in communities all across New York. In some, you will rent an apartment in a building shared with other community members. In other New York retirement communities you are able to have a cottage to yourself for more space and more privacy. And while some retirement communities in New York and elsewhere offer health care to help with those who need it, in others you will be able to have a home of your own and all of the independence that you need.

Regardless of what your interests are, you will be able to find a retirement community with others who share those interests. But in order to be ready to move in once you retire, you'll need to do some planning. Not only do many retirement communities have waiting lists, but there are costs associated with living in a retirement community.

That is why you need to incorporate your living arrangement goals into your financial planning goals. You need to make sure that you will have the income necessary to pay the cost of renting your home or apartment within the community. You'll also want to be sure that you still have money to pay for all of the other expenses you might have.

And that's why you need to download our free retirement calculator so that you are able to gauge whether or not your savings and investments will allow you to reach all of your retirement goals.

When you download our free retirement calculator by clicking the red button at the bottom of the page, you'll be able to:

  • Take a closer look at how your savings and investment accounts have performed over time;
  • See projections for how your savings accounts and the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you've invested in will perform over time;
  • Understand the way that changes to interest rates and inflation will affect your retirement income; and,
  • See how changes that you make to your investment strategy will affect your income, both now and after you have retired.

And, in addition to using our retirement calculator to look at the savings and investments that you have -as well as those that you are considering making -you will be able to talk one on one with a financial advisor during a free consultation.

During that conversation you can share you goals -including moving into a retirement community once you're no longer working. You can ask the questions that you have, and get advice on the best way to achieve all of your financial goals.

You deserve to have the retirement that you want -regardless of how you dream that your retirement will look. Take the first steps to moving into the New York retirement community of your dreams; click the red button, download our free retirement calculator and make sure that your finances will help you make your retirement dreams come true. You owe it to yourself.