Will I Retire?

Will I Retire Fast?

Retire Fast.

With all of the unpleasant news about the underfunding of Social Security and companies cutting pension plans to save money, you may have started to ask yourself "Will I retire?" What used to seem guaranteed - you work hard, you save and invest wisely, then you ease into a relaxing retirement - no longer seems certain for most people.

And 'will I retire?' is only one question in the series that also includes, 'Will I retire with enough money to pay my bills,' 'will I retire and be able to do all of the things that I'd hoped to do - travel, have quality time with my family'- and 'will I retire only to find out that I need to go back to work to be able to make ends meet?'

These questions can be unsettling. We don't always trust ourselves to be sure that we've done all that we can to plan for our future. We don't always believe that the investments we've made are going to perform the way that we need them too. 

And there's worse news still. We don't always trust our financial advisors to be concerned with financial interests other than our own. We don't always understand the way the government decides when to change interest rates or how much to change them. We don't always know how to predict inflation and other cost of living increases.

But there is hope. We know that you're asking 'will I retire?' We know that you're looking for ways to make sure that your money will last and that you're doing what you can to ensure a solid financial future.  And we know that we've found a way to answer those questions for ourselves.

More importantly, we've made it possible for you to use that tool as well. We've taken the time we spent researching and understanding and turned it into a tool that you can use to answer those questions for yourself. Better yet, we're offering you access to that tool - our retirement calculator - for free.

When you access Bob's free retirement calculator, you can enter in simple information about your savings and investments. You can use it to research the ways stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed over time, and you can also use it to see how those investments will perform in the future.

The projections that you'll get when you use Bob's free retirement calculator will take interest rates and inflation into consideration so that you'll be able to get a more accurate picture of your financial future.  And, whether you like what you see or not, you'll be able to use the calculator to determine the ways in which changes to your investment strategy will affect your savings.

That ought to help give you a sense of peace of mind and ought to help you answer the question 'will I retire?' But we aren't stopping there. When you try Bob's free retirement calculator you will also receive a free consultation with a financial advisor.

You'll be able to talk with a retirement advisor who is committed to making your financial future secure.  You'll be able to get answers to the questions you have and learn how to turn your investment strategy into a plan that you can act on.

Will you retire? Will you retire and be able to live out the retirement you've always dreamed of? That's up to you. Take a minute. Click on the blue button below to access Bob's free retirement calculator. Answer the question for yourself.


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