excel spreadsheet mortgage calculator

Excel Spreadsheet Mortgage Calculator
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When It Comes to Retirement Planning, You Need a Better System than Your Excel Spreadsheet Mortgage Calculator 

It has become increasingly popular for homeowners to use an Excel spreadsheet mortgage calculator. You start with a blank Excel spreadsheet; you enter in information about your mortgage - the interest rate of your mortgage, the number of months that you have left to make payments and the amount of the payments you make. You create a quick little formula and you have an Excel spreadsheet mortgage calculator. 

But when it comes time to calculate your retirement, the process is not as simple as the one used to create an Excel spreadsheet mortgage calculator. To begin with, you are likely to have more than one type of retirement savings account - you may have IRAs, employer sponsored 401K accounts, annuity accounts, certificates of deposit or other bank accounts that you are using in order to save for your retirement - and each of those accounts will have a different balance and a different interest rate. 

Similarly, you are likely to have a variety of investments. You may invest in a number of different stocks, each of which performs at a different level. You may have invested in a number of government sponsored bonds; these too may have different interest rates depending upon when you made the investment. And, just as you may have a number of different stocks and bonds, you may have a number of different mutual funds in which you have invested. 

The end result is that, unlike an Excel spreadsheet mortgage calculator, you will have a sheet full of numbers that may not make a great deal of sense - even to you, even right after you entered them. That is why, while an Excel spreadsheet can be used for a mortgage calculator. An Excel spreadsheet is not a desirable retirement calculator. 

The good news is this: there is already a great retirement calculator that is available. And all that you need to do in order to get it is to click the red button at the bottom of this page to Try Bob's Retirement Calculator for free. 

Once you have used Bob's free Retirement Calculator, you will be able to enter just a few figures - information about the savings and investment accounts that you have, You will be able to enter in a few more numbers, and suddenly your financial planning picture will come into focus. 

You will be able to see how your savings and investment accounts have performed over time. You will also be able to look at the retirement calculator to see how you can expect your savings and investment accounts to perform over the next thirty years - and the results that you see will have taken into consideration to impact of changing interest rates and inflation on the amount of income you will have available once you have retired. 

Another advantage of the retirement calculator over the Excel spreadsheet mortgage calculator: you are not limited to looking at the values for the investments that you already have. You will also be able to evaluate investments that you have only begun to consider so that you will be able to see how making them would affect your retirement income. 

And there is still another reason why the retirement calculator is better than an Excel spreadsheet mortgage calculator for analyzing your retirement savings. When you try the retirement calculator, you will also receive a free one on one consultation with a trusted financial advisor - someone who can answer your questions and give you advice, someone who can help you to put your financial plan into action. 

Why try to recreate an Excel spreadsheet mortgage calculator and turn it into something that it was never meant to be? Click the blue button below to download Bob's free retirement calculator and see how easy evaluating your retirement finances can be. 

Try Bob's free retirement calculator - The retirement calculator was featured on 'The Saturday Early Show' by CBS' top financial analyst just click the blue button below. Take control and reach your retirement goals.

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