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Do You Need to Calculate Your Income?

There are a few different kinds of people out there, but in some categories, you can narrow it down to two distinct groups. When it comes to retirement planning, the first group tends to be hands off; every once in a while they get in touch with their financial advisor and say something along the lines of "hey, calculate my income and get back to me with a figure." Then there's the other group - the folks who are a bit more hands on about the process.

Rather than asking someone else to calculate their income, they are looking for the tools that will allow them to do it on their own. Instead of having someone else look at the savings accounts are available to determine whether or not there is an account getting a far better interest rate, they want to look at the account they have and then look for others. Rather than having someone tell them which stocks or mutual funds they should be investing in, they want to be right there in the fray. They look at investment groups, read magazines and ask for advice.

Of course, the catch is that not all the advice that anyone receives is going to be entirely beneficial. If you don't follow up on a great stock tip, for example, you may find that the sure thing that you thought you were going to get was a sure thing all right - sure to fail, and the signs had been there for ages. But looking into every detail can be taxing and time consuming - unless you have the right tools available.

With Bob's free retirement calculator that you can utilize on this page, you will be able to take a closer look at the stocks that you have heard about before investing to see how they've been doing and how they are projected to perform over time. But you will also be able to do a bit more. You will be able to enter information about your savings and the accounts that you have and calculate your income for retirement with the calculator. Just as you were able to enter information about stocks that you are considering, you'll be able to enter details about your current investments.

You will be able to look at stocks and mutual funds to see which are doing well - and to calculate projected income based on your investments. And, while you are exploring, your contact information will be sent to a financial advisor in your area who will call to follow up to see if you have any questions. Keep in mind, you won't have to say "calculate my income," but you will be able to ask the questions you have, talk about your situation and your goals and determine the best course of action to take.

When you want to be sure that you're checking out all of the details and looking at your options, Bob's free retirement calculator is a great tool to have. When you're looking for advice so that when you calculate your income you'll like what you see, a good financial advisor is a great ally to have. You can get them both simply by downloading the retirement calculator - what are you waiting for?

Try Bob's free retirement calculator - The retirement calculator was featured on 'The Saturday Early Show' by CBS' top financial analyst just click the blue button below. Take control and reach your retirement goals.


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