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Everyone needs to know the answers to the following questions before retirement:

  1. Will my money last my entire retirement?
  2. Have I saved enough toward retirement?
  3. Have I allocated my assets properly for retirement?
  4. How much money can I withdrawal from my retirement portfolio annually?
  5. How will inflation impact my retirement portfolio?
  6. How will management fees impact how long my money will last?
  7. How do I keep current with latest retirement news?

Fortunately, the first six questions can easily be answered using Bob's Free Retirement Calculator.The Retirement Calculator is easy to use. To access the retirement calculator, simply enter a few simple numbers into the program and your results are revealed instantly.

Retirement Calculator includes all of these features:

  • How management fee's impact how long your money will last
  • Includes 1973/1974 & 2000/2002 economic downturns
  • 30 year projections
  • Inflation factor enhancements
  • Interactive retirement asset performance analysis
  • Colorful graphical interface
  • Big charts & graphs with new capabilities
  • Easily export data to Microsoft Excel
  • Real-time "what if" retirement analysis on the fly
  • Actual vs. Hypothetical vs. Inflation Proof retirement analytics
  • No additional programs are required to run Retirement Calculator 3.0
  • Online Web Based
  • Financial Tips & Hints newsletter
  • Instant web customer support
  • Definitions page

Some of the retirement topics covered in the Financial Tips & Hints newsletter are:

  1. Introduction to multiple business opportunities.
  2. Health Insurance and Health Care Costs
  3. Retirement News Letters
  4. Where to Retire Resources
  5. Retirement Communities
  6. Retirement Planning Resources
  7. Asset Allocation Strategies
  8. Money Manager
  9. Jobs over 55
  10. Internet Technologies and Services
  11. Computer Training Information and Resources
  12. Annuities and Long Term Care
  13. Estate Planning
  14. Senior and Retirement Websites
  15. Financial e-Books
  16. Retirement Products and Services
  17. Meeting people and making long lasting Friendships

How do I keep up-to-date on the latest news impacting my retirement?

To keep informed about retirement topics, try our FREE Newsletter, you will receive a monthly newsletter full of Financial Tips & Hints information to inform and empower you to have a successful retirement. As an added bonus, Access Bob's Retirement Calculator for FREE.

We at Retire Fast. want nothing more than to make your retirement a success.  Retirement success, to us, means never having to worry if you have enough money, being able to pursue your dreams and having fun along the way.  We provide the retirement calculator and Financial Tips & Hints to make it a reality - the rest is up to you.

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