Large Business Retirement Services

Large Business Retirement Services
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Large Business Retirement Services: Finding the Information You Need

It used to be that large business retirement services were used by financial officers to determine the best way of being their for their employees after those employees retired. As time has gone on, however, most large businesses have begun to look at retirement services in a different way.

Instead of focusing on providing pension accounts that would reward long term employees with an ongoing paycheck, large business retirement services are designed to help companies help their employees to help themselves. Instead of focusing on providing on going health care to their employees, large business retirement services are used to focus on helping those staff members who are approaching retirement to plan for their own health care as they plan for retirement.

However, just because large business retirement services are changing along with the economy, one thing is sure: large businesses still want to be able to be there for their employees. While they may contribute far less to the retirement savings that their staff members will have, large business retirement services help these businesses to see what they can do and to help communicate savings and investment information to their employees.

In other words, large business retirement services should:

Offer the financial executives at larger businesses the chance to understand the differences between retirement savings accounts - certificates of deposit, Roth IRAs and other individual retirement accounts and other savings - so that they can explain the differences to the staff;


Offer the financial executives at larger businesses the opportunity to understand the different types of investment accounts so that they can explain 401k or 403b accounts, mutual funds and stock investments with varying degrees of risk to their staff; and,


Create a way for financial executives at larger companies the opportunity to help explain retirement planning to their employees who have less financial knowledge but need to know what it is going to take to save for and invest in their retirement.

Large business retirement services are not about determining what companies can do for their employees so much as they are about being able to explain what those employees can do for themselves.

The retirement calculator that you can download - at no charge - at the bottom of this page can be a valuable tool for those who are trying to find a better strategy for saving for and investing in retirement. In lieu of large business retirement services, exploring options with the retirement calculator and encouraging staff members to do the same can help to focus retirement planning.

Further, when you download the retirement calculator, you will receive a follow up call from a financial advisor in your area because your contact information will be forwarded. During that call, you'll be able to ask questions and get advice; and if you encourage your employees to use the retirement calculator, they too will receive a follow us call so that their questions will be answered as well.

In other words, rather than basic large business retirement services, the free retirement calculator as well as the financial advisor follow up call will help executives and staff members alike to plan for retirement. See for yourself: just click to download the free retirement calculator and get started.