Income Planning Tools

Income Planning Tools
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Income Planning Tools: Do You Know Which to Use?

Everywhere you look you can find offers for income planning tools - suggestions here and there that will tell you what you need to do to save for your future. Some income planning tools are nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet that lets you plug in a few numbers to get a basic calculation. Other income planning tools are designed only so that you will look at your situation and panic and then invest in another book or tool or product or service - each of which promises to be the next big thing or the one thing that you cannot save for your retirement without.

Let's be real: many of those income planning tools aren't going to be designed to help you identify and reach the goals that you have for your own retirement: the money that's there to be made with them is all going to find its way into the pocket of the writer, publisher or creator of that given tool. That makes it hard to believe that the information that you gather from using those tools is really going to help you to identify and reach your goals.

Fortunately, there are income planning tools that can help you - one of which you can access for free simply by downloading our free retirement calculator. Unlike other income planning tools, it will let you look at information that is specific to you - the stocks you've invested in, mutual funds that you have a share in, bonds, certificates of deposit and savings accounts that you've placed your money in. You'll be able to see how each has performed over time, see whether or not they are doing well at present, and see how each is predicted to perform in the future.

Ultimately, that is the information that you need to have in order to decide whether or not the savings and investments that you have are right for helping you to reach your financial goals. When you are able to look at that information and bring your own financial big picture into focus, it will be easier to consider your options. To make the process even more simple, when you download this free income planning tool, you will also receive a follow up call from a financial advisor.

When you are able to identify what is and is not working within your retirement portfolio, you will find that you can identify what needs to change. Talking with a financial advisor once you have that knowledge puts you in a position where you can ask questions, determine the best course of action and then work together to make your income, savings and investments work for you. This simple combination - your own knowledge along with a financial advisor - is the key to unlocking the retirement that you have always dreamed of.

Whether you want to be able to travel, to live in comfort or simply to have the savings you need to not be a burden to your family, the reason that you are looking for income planning tools is that you want to be in control. With our retirement calculator and your financial advisor, you will be.