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An Income Calculation Is Only as Reliable as the Retirement Calculator Used

Income calculation is important for all of us who are looking toward our retirement future. Income calculation allows you to see a number of things:

When you are making a conscious effort to save, an income calculation will show you how much will the amount increase with compounded interest over time;

If you are investing in stocks and mutual funds, an income calculation can show you how much money will be available to you based on current projection;

Income calculations can let you look at the way different savings accounts and investments work together so that you can develop a sense of whether or not you will have the income that you will need when you retire available to you.

Of course, an income calculation is only as reliable as the calculator that you plug the information into. In order to know whether or not you are seeing accurate amounts, you will need to have some confidence that the calculator can account for adjusted interest rates on your savings accounts. You will also need to determine whether or not the values that you see for your retirement income are adjusted based on projected inflation - a calculated value needs to show not just how much money you will have, but also how much it will be worth at the time.

A reliable income calculator such as Bob's free retirement calculator that you can download on this page will give you the chance to do more than just look at your savings accounts. With it, you will be able to see an income calculation that is based on what you are already doing to save for and invest in your future, but you will also be able to see whether or not moving some or all of your savings into a different kind of account would allow you to earn even more.

In addition to looking at your savings accounts - certificates of deposit, annuity accounts, individual retirement accounts - you will be able to perform an income calculation based on the stocks and mutual funds that you have invested in. You will be able to see information about how different stocks have performed in the past and how they are projected to perform in the future. Similarly, you will be able to see reliable income calculations based on changes that you are thinking about making to your investment portfolio: if you swapped out stock in one company for sock in another, what would happen to the amount of income that you will have available when you retire?

However, just because you are able to perform an income calculation with a reliable income calculator does not mean that you will be left on your own to make choices about saving for and investing in your financial future. When you access Bob's free retirement calculator, your contact information will be forwarded to a financial advisor in your area who can help you to understand the income calculation and what it is based on, who can answer your questions and help you to make decisions that will help you to feel more confident about your financial future.

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