Immediate Annuity Calculator

Immediate Annuity Calculator
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Having the ability to quickly and easily determine one's immediate annuity options is the perfect reason to utilize an immediate annuity calculator. The calculator, when provided with just a handful of informational items, can determine what the payout of the immediate annuity would be. 

The term immediate annuity is an insurance term. It is a type of investment which can be purchased by an individual at any point during his or her lifetime, and is set up to provide a stable, steady source of supplemental income for that individual for either a specific number of years, or if he or she chooses, for the lifetime of the designated beneficiary. To make certain that the purchase of an immediate annuity is a wise and strategic financial decision for you, versus other traditional investment forms, one should consider using an immediate annuity calculator to help determine what your monthly, quarterly, or yearly payout will be. This can be used for your own personal knowledge or to even use as a bargaining tool if you are shopping around and comparing offers from many companies to determine who will give you the best return on your initial investment. Simply put, the immediate annuity calculator is one of the easiest and quickest ways out there for you to know the potential of what you currently have and what you may need for that investment to grow in the future. 

To use an immediate annuity calculator, you should have all of the following information. The first bit of information that one should have available is the amount of money that you wish to invest in your immediate annuity. This is a crucial number to have, for so much of your future returns depend upon that initial investment. And please note that once the immediate annuity is established and set up by the insurance company, this amount cannot be changed. In other words, you cannot add more money to the immediate annuity or withdraw money from it later. The second piece of information that you must have in order to be able to effectively utilize the immediate annuity calculator is your life expectancy. This is the number of years which you expect to live and to therefore expect to receive payments from your investment of an immediate annuity. You must also be able to designate the frequency of payments that are to be made to you from your immediate annuity. Traditionally, one can specify that be payments be made to him or her on a monthly basis, quarterly, or yearly. You must make the determination of how frequently you wish to see that supplemental income. The final piece of information that you must have to use an immediate annuity calculator is the Annual Rate of Return. In other words, you must have an idea of the annual percentage rate that you will be paid on this investment. This is often just the bargaining tool that one may need to get the most out of his investment money. 

Immediate annuities are very attractive to investors for many reasons, and to determine if this is the right solution for you and your family, using an immediate annuity calculator is a sure way to go. It is fast, simple, and can give you a good understanding of your financial needs and expectations for the future. It is a tool that you absolutely must try if you are thinking of having an immediate annuity plan in your future. Click on the blue button below to get started.