I Hate Credit Cards

I Hate Credit Cards
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Tired of Thinking I Hate Credit Cards?

You probably had a rush of excitement when you got your first credit card - all of a sudden, no matter how many times you were warned against it, you knew that you had purchasing power and that if you really didn't want to wait to buy something, you wouldn't have to. However, once the bills started coming in, that tone probably shifted a little bit - as you started to see the bills come in, the fact that you'd spent the money became a bit more real. Fast forward a few years after only paying the minimum balance or a little bit more and all of a sudden, one day, you found yourself thinking "I hate credit cards."

Of course, that's not to say that those who are frustrated by credit card bills - and telling others "I hate credit cards" - merely made frivolous purchases. These days, with the current economic climate, there are a lot of people who have found themselves using a credit card to buy groceries, to pay medical bills and, in some cases, even the rent that lets them stay in the apartment that they are living in for another month.

Fortunately, no matter what has you saying, "I hate credit cards," there are options available.

By working with a credit counseling company, you will find that you're able to spend time looking at your debt - your spending and saving habits. You'll be able to focus on working with a credit counselor who can contact the creditors to whom you owe an unsecured debt and to work on renegotiating the terms under which you repay the debt. You'll find that working with the right credit counselor will bring your accounts current, lower the amount of interest that you are being charged, remove over limit and late fees from your accounts and arrange for a lower monthly payment.

Specifically, you'll find yourself in a position in which the credit counselor who you are working with will arrange it so that your debts are consolidated into a single account. Rather than saying "I hate credit cards because of all the different monthly payments," you'll find yourself writing a single check (to the credit counseling company who will ensure that your creditors are paid on time each month). This will save you time, stress and confusion - however, those aren't the only benefits that you'll discover. Your credit counselor will also be able to work with you to create a savings strategy so that once you're no longer in debt, you won't fall back into the same situation again.

There was a time when having a credit card meant that if there were an emergency, you could deal with it; why get caught up in thinking "I hate credit cards"? You can get out of debt and rebuild your relationship with credit - in fact, in many cases you'll see your credit score improve so that you're able to reap even more rewards and reach the financial goals that you've set.