How Much Income Will I Need to Retire

How Much Income Will I Need to Retire
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How Much Income Will I Need to Retire? Find out by accessing Bob's Free Retirement Calculator and connecting to a trusted financial advisor today to discuss your retirement and investment options.

" How much income will I need to retire?" Every once in a while, there are those questions that you ask yourself, questions that sneak up on you. Maybe it's while you're opening a credit card statement each month that you shake your head, push back from the table and start thinking about whether or not you'll have the income that you need when you retire. Maybe it's in those early hours of the morning when you wake up and can't fall back to sleep, you lie there in bed wondering "how much income will I need when I retire."

The challenge is that it is hard to predict how much of an income you will need when you retire. Ideally, by that point in time the savings that you've been sure to add to each month will have earned a considerable amount of interest and will have begun to add up. Similarly, in an ideal situation, you will have been investing in stocks and mutual funds - making an effort to pick stocks that increase in value over time so that, when the time comes that you no longer are receiving a steady paycheck, you'll have access to the money that you need for living expenses - those that are necessary and those that let you get out there and still have some fun now that you have some time to yourself.

" How much income will I need to retire?" Even when you're doing all the right things - saving and investing in your future - this is a tough question to answer. Coming up with an answer means looking at the lifestyle that you currently have and the life that you're hoping to live once you retire. It involves having a sense of what the future holds and determining which stocks, bonds, mutual funds and savings accounts you should be putting money into now so that it will be available later. Not only do you need to find a tool that will help you to choose the right way to save, but also it's important to talk with a financial advisor who understands your situation and your goals and who can help you to reach them.

One of the best tools that is available to you for looking at your savings and investments is the retirement calculator that can download from this page. With it, you will be able to look at how interest rates will affect your savings and help answer the question, " how much income will I need to retire" comfortably. With it, you will be able to look at how stocks and mutual funds have performed over time, see whether or not your investments are paying off now and whether or not you can expect them to continue to perform over time. You'll also be able to look over some changes that you could make that may or may not ensure that you have the income that you need when you retire.

More importantly, when you download this free retirement calculator you will receive a free follow up call from a financial advisor in your area who will be available to answer the questions that you have. He or she can help you to answer the question, " How much income will I need to retire?" More than that, he or she can work with you to look at your goals and your needs as well as at the savings and investments that you've made and can make that will serve to make sure that you have that income available to you when you retire.

" How much income will I need to retire" isn't a question that you can answer entirely on your own, so why let it stress you out? A financial planner can help you to make the decisions that will let you achieve all of the goals that you have for yourself and your retirement.