How Long Will My Money Last

How Long Will My Money Last?

It's a question that's probably on the lips of everyone who nears retirement: How long will my money last? We spend our lives working and often have little to show for it at the end. That's when the worry creeps in. That's when we become desperate for solutions that will enable us to see our retirement through, knowing that our money will last the pace.

The solution to knowing that your savings will last throughout your retirement is simple planning. You need to take all your assets and decide how you can release a monthly amount that will keep you comfortable, and how you can make the rest of your savings last the duration of your retirement.

The two are closely related to each other. If you withdraw too much early on you might run out of money half-way through your retirement. If you are too frugal, you might deprive yourself from enjoying the things you could have easily afforded. The answer to how long will my money last is really a balancing act, and if you don't know how to balance things properly, you have cause to worry.

There is a solution. A simple solution that puts you in power and gives you complete control over all your assets. You don't need to ask, how long will my money last, for you will know the answer without a doubt.

Our retirement calculator software that plans the correct utilization of all your assets to your best advantage is a free download. It runs on the Windows platform, found on the majority of modern computers. It's a stand-alone program that doesn't need any other software, though it can make use of your existing spreadsheet. And all it needs from you is a few pieces of information that you already know.

Do you know how to best optimize the allocation of your assets, your stocks, bonds, and cash? Our free program does. Can you make accurate predictions and projections based on current interest rates to determine the optimum rate of withdrawal? Our free program can.

When anyone asks the question, how long will my money last, what they really need to know is how to take out the highest amount of money every month while still leaving enough savings to see them right through their retirement period. In that way, they will know that their money is sufficient to see them through.

Our software will plan your retirement funds in the best possible way for you. The Early Show on CBS agrees with us on this point. Their top financial analyst, Ray Martin, wholeheartedly recommended it live in New York

Now you can be sure that our calculator really does do the job.

Our retirement planning software is easy to use. It's user-friendly in a way that let's you concentrate on planning your retirement , not struggling with understanding the program. And one of its best "selling" points is that it comes absolutely free!

So don't go on asking yourself, 'How long will my money last?' Know the answer with confidence today. Download our completely free software today and enjoy peace of mind for all of your retirement.