Free Financial Guidance

Free Financial Guidance
Retire Fast.

Get Free Financial Guidance from a Trusted local Financial Advisor near you so you can Retire Fast and have peace of mind and comfort in your retirement years.

"There is no such thing as a free lunch!? 

Well until the online lunch is conjured up we've provided a free Retirement Calculator that will help you with free financial guidance to plan your saving and investment strategies and your options for retiring. 

Using the free financial guidance you can easily see what retirement income your pension fund will provide. You will be simply able to target how much of a pension fund you will need to provide your desired income and estimate your level of contributions to build that fund for your future. 

Well that's great, but what happens if life changes and things have gone better than I expected, can I retire early or will I have to semi-retire or defer retiring altogether? What happens if annuity rates double or halve by the time I get to retiring and how will that affect my pension income? 

These are just some of the questions that the free free financial guidance can help you answer and the answers will surprise you. 

Did you know that the size of your pension income in retirement can halve if you choose to retire even five years early? 

Take a look at the effect of early retirement has on the value of your pension fund and the resulting retirement income from retiring just five years early using the free financial guidance provided by the retirement calculator. 

Go ahead and look, what you see will shock you, the Retirement Calculator is free and you can always come back here and look at some further interesting and important financial facts of retirement life. 

Remember how much a gallon of gas cost in 1977? How much does it cost today in 2007? Now think how much it will cost in 2037? 

Why's that important you may ask - well just consider what your options are with your retirement fund. Should you take a fixed guaranteed pension which will give you a higher income initially but inflation will erode the purchasing power of your retirement income. If you choose to index link your pension, what will that do to the pension income you are going to receive or if you are still some distance from retirement how much more do I need to contribute to build up the fund to take inflation into account? 

Using the retirement calculators free financial guidance, input in your fund value and see the difference between an indexed income and a fixed income. Does that give you pause for thought about your existing retirement strategies? 

Fact of life, women tend to live longer than men but the bulk of pension provision comes from husbands retirement plan - what happens to your spouse if you predecease them? Is your pension income going to die too? 

Back to the free Retirement Calculator and take a look at how providing for a retirement income for your partner after you've gone can affect the level of income you both will enjoy in retirement. 

Retirement decision making is full of permutations that are subject to the vagaries of investment performance, annuity rates, inflation, your age, health and a host of other factors. 

The free Retirement Calculator's free financial guidance can empower you to assess the impact upon your family's financial security and future by allowing you to perform a sensitivity analysis using differing assumptions concerning all these variables. 

We can't give you a free lunch, but with the free Retirement Calculator you can plan for not needing one. Click on the blue button below to start using your free financial guidance right now.