Financial Planning in the United States

Financial Planning In The United States
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Financial planning in the United States is largely unlike the financial planning encountered in other parts of the world. Because of the daily changes in a market-driven economy and the vast array of investment choices, the American worker must strive harder than ever to be informed about his finances and how to preserve them.

There are several investment opportunities that are uniquely American for people engaging in financial planning in the United States. High on this list are the investment opportunities afforded in the fields of technology and science. The original tech boom occurred in California, and it has continued to expand and grow in the decades that have followed. For the individual investor, stocks related to computer hardware and software have proven to be profitable, though sometimes risky.

The United States real estate market is perhaps unlike any other. Beginning with the land rush for the Oklahoma territory and continuing through the current rising value of coastal property, investing in real estate can be quite profitable. For those willing to take on the maintenance costs, investment in rental property can provide a steady income through the retirement years.

Just as there are many uniquely American opportunities, there are also some changes that seem to be unique to our country.  Americans live longer than ever. Retirement funds must now be able to sustain a person until perhaps as long as their 90th birthday and beyond. That fact brings about a particular need for skill and information for those handling their own financial planning in the United States. The retirement calculator can supply a much-needed projection of future financial needs, even including the effects of inflation and market changes on finances. The retirement calculator is a free download, available by clicking on the red button.

There was a time not too long ago when most retirement plans were funded by employers. The past decade has seen a rapid change in this area. Today, an individual handling his own financial planning in the United States knows that he will likely be responsible for making most, if not all, of the contributions to his retirement fund.

Similarly, there was a time in the recent past when American workers knew their health insurance would be provided by their employer even into retirement. That is seldom the case these days. Unlike most other nations in the industrialized world, the United States government has no national health care program. Once again, it is the individual's responsibility to make sure that his retirement income will be enough to cover any health care costs.

More than ever, the burden of being informed about the investment opportunities available falls upon the individual. No longer safe in the idea of a life-long pension funded by his employer after retirement, today's worker must use all the tools available to make the best possible retirement plan choices. Clicking on the blue button will give you a useful tool in making the best possible retirement plan choices. You'll even have the opportunity to speak with a qualified planning consultant.

If you are engaged in financial planning in the United States, the retirement calculator that you can download by clicking on the blue button below will help you build a successful retirement.