Financial Planning Article

Financial Planning Article
Retire Fast.

This isn't a financial planning article. It is a request to a group of intelligent do-it-yourselfers who believe they can plan their own retirement. The request is to give something a try. That something will help you better plan your retirement and help you sleep at night.

It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, your gender, your race, your religion, or even your age. If you want to retire comfortably, then you need to consider all the factors. That's what this non-financial planning article wants you to do - consider all the factors.

A good financial planning article, which this isn't, would offer you a wide range of retirement planning tools and make the task of retirement planning easier for you. Too bad this isn't a financial planning article. Otherwise, you might think we're trying to sell you something.

If this were a financial planning article, we would challenge you to do something like consider your 401k contributions, the number and amount of stocks you own, your bonds, your real estate holdings, and a host of other financial instruments you may or may not own. We'd ask you to do a little math and consider where your money is going now as well as, perhaps, where you'd like it go 30 years from now. While this is not a financial planning article, it does offer a challenge, and we think you'll like it.

Our challenge to you is to download our free retirement calculator and use it for 30 days. Input some basic information about your finances and see what it tells you. Will you retire at 50? At 40? At 65? Will you have $1 million at retirement or $250,000? Will you be able to purchase a retirement home on the beach in Costa Ricaor spend more time with your grandchildren? If not, then perhaps you should spend some time reading real financial planning articles, like those found in our free monthly newsletter.

Once you download our free retirement calculator, then you can track savings, stocks and bonds, figure expected inflation, and calculate how much you can withdraw for living expenses and still have your investments last through your retirement years. The calculator will also chart projections of return rates, the interest you can expect to earn on investments, and many other things that are important to know when planning for retirement. Use the calculator in conjunction with the knowledge you'll gain from our monthly newsletter, and get connected with a retirement consultant near you, which is also free.  

A financial planning article would tell you that retirement is just a stone's throw away if you put your money in a certain box. But we're not that astute. That's why we don't write financial planning articles. We just ask you to look out for yourself.

Click the blue button below, download our free retirement calculator, and get started today. We recommend you get started now, no matter what your age. Get all of your retirement questions answered with one click of the blue button. Don't delay another minute. Take control of your future. Aren't you glad this isn't just another boring financial planning article?