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Advisors Income: Are You More Concerned About it Than Your Retirement?

Have you been actively saving for your retirement, or do you have too many concerns about advisors income to listen to their advice seriously and to believe that it is meant to help you reach your goals? Have you looked into talking with a financial advisor about investing in stocks or mutual funds only to decide to blow it off because you're nervous that all of the suggestions will be focused on one thing - the advisor's income? If so, unfortunately you're not alone.

However, it is essential that you let go of the concerns that you have about advisors income because your choice to not save for your retirement or to seek their advice is going to do a lot more to damage your financial future than it will to anything else. If you are unwilling to look into great investments - whether they are in individual stocks or in mutual funds - because you wonder how much advisors income is going to be made, you are likely to pass up some great opportunities. Worse than that, there is a risk if you let your concerns get in the way of never moving forward with a savings and investment strategy that will get you to where you want to be.

Setting aside the concerns that you have about advisors income and the way that it may affect the products they suggest is something that is much easier to do when you are able to get a lot of the information that you need on your own. When you are able to look at stocks, bonds, mutual funds, individual retirement accounts, 401k accounts and other tools for saving and investing in your future, it's easier to trust the advice that you receive from a financial advisor.

That's something that you can test for yourself. When you try Bob's free retirement calculator on this page, your contact information will be sent to a financial advisor in your area who will place a follow up call once you've had a chance to do some research on your own. Use the retirement calculator. Look at different stocks and mutual funds to see how they have performed in the past and how they are expected to perform in the future. Look at savings accounts and retirement account options to compare interest rates and returns to get a feel for which will best help you to reach your goals.

Then, when you talk with a financial advisor during the follow up call, you're likely to discover that he or she is less concerned with advisor income than with helping you to reach your goals. You will be able to look at each investment product or savings account type that he or she suggests and see whether or not it will help you to reach your goals. More importantly, you'll soon realize that not all of the advisors out there are more focused on their own income.

If you're more concerned about advisors income than you are about your own retirement, there's no way that you will be prepared when the time comes for you to retire. Take advantage of tools that will help you to get a sense of what's right for you and work with an advisor who can help you put your plan into action. You'll be glad you did.

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