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Financial Advisor Knowledge Base at the Bank?

Where do you meet with your financial advisor? Do you meet at his or her office? Do you only 'talk' online? Or do you meet your financial advisor at a bank?

Think about it for a minute. Are you really comfortable only being able to talk with your financial advisor in an online chat? Are you really sure that you're talking with a professional when you're typing at your computer and not just someone who has been trained in customer service and who may have limited information accessible to them?

Not to mention talking with your financial advisor at a bank or at his or her office. When you're there, you see everyone dressed professionally. You see a parking lot full of nice cars. And maybe you start to wonder whether your financial advisor's goals are to help you plan for your financially successful retirement or for the financial success of either himself or the bank he works for.

And it's guaranteed, if you are not comfortable speaking with your financial advisor in that setting, you will not be able to get the advice you deserve. You may end up feeling pressured into making a decision that you do not want to make.

What do we mean by that? Well, let us give you an example. If you meet with your financial advisor in a bank, chances are good that you'll be meeting either in the open or in an office with glass walls. That is, you'll get the sense that you're meeting in a fish bowl.

When you believe that everyone can see -and therefore judge -your reactions, you may not want to look confused. You may want to ask fewer questions because you don't want other customers at the bank to see your financial advisor losing his patience as he answers those questions.

So you'll make decisions and when you leave your financial advisor's office at the bank you'll wonder what you just agreed to.

But that shouldn't happen. You should never make a decision based on information that you don't understand. You should never feel pressured to not ask questions because of what someone else might think.

That's why you need to make every effort that you can to be informed. You need to understand what your financial goals are, and you need to have a plan for reaching those goals. And you need the right tools to help you make that plan.

One tool that can prove invaluable is Bob's retirement calculator that you can try for free at the bottom of this page. You can use it to study the way your savings, stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed over time. You can also use it to get projections for how your savings and investments will perform over time.

And the projections that you get will take interest rates and inflation into account. That way, you are sure to get the information that you need to make good choices. And you can even use Bob's free retirement calculator to determine whether the choices you make when you alter your financial plan really will benefit you.

But the biggest advantage that you will have, when you access our free retirement calculator, is that once you've had a chance to look at your financial plan, you will be contacted by a trusted financial advisor for a free consultation.

You will be able to have a one-on-one discussion with a retirement counselor who will give you the answers that you need. You will be able to get great advice that you can use to turn your investment strategy into a plan and to then put that plan into motion. And the best part is that your consultation will take place in the comfort of your home.

Imagine it: You get expert financial advice, you understand everything that is being explained and you don't have to meet with your financial advisor in a bank where you feel uncomfortable. After all, it is your financial plan -you deserve to understand it and to know that you can use it to reach your financial goals.

Be sure that you reach all of your financial goals. Make sure that you are making the best decisions for your financial security. Click the red button. Download our free retirement calculator. Experience the comfort and security of being in charge of your future.

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