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Before You Rely on Fee Based Advisors to Plan For Your Retirement, Learn More About the Investments You Make 

Have you ever wondered if the fee based advisors you are using to help with your retirement plan is committed to you or to receiving the fees? Does it ever seem to you as if the advice that you're getting from your fee based advisors is not really advice that is focused on you and your needs? Do you worry that the advice you are getting is the same as the advice everyone else who has used the same fee based advisors has received? 

It's unfair to only be given investment suggestions that don't take into account your retirement goals. And, even worse than that, it's unfair to be given savings and investment advice that seems to be given by your fee based advisors only to benefit their own financial situations. 

But how can you tell whether the information that you are given is going to help you to reach your financial planning goals? How can you be sure that the fee based advisor who you are working with is focused on you: on what you want to achieve, on how much risk you are willing to take and on how much money you can really afford to save and invest? 

One way to be sure that your fee based advisors are working for you and not just putting more money into their own pockets is to be more aware of your investments. Unfortunately, for many people, research into their investments is often done by a financial consultant. 

But you are not most people. You want to be in control. You want to reach all of your financial goals and you do not want to have to sacrifice any one of those goals for another. And that's why you're looking for easy to use tools that you can rely on to give you accurate information. 

You're looking for tools like Bob's free retirement calculator that you can use by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this page. You're looking for a powerful tool that you can use to make sure that the fee based advisor you are working with is actually helping you to reach your goals. 

And when you use this free retirement calculator, you'll know that you found just the tool that you need. You'll be able to enter in information about the goals that you have, the money you've put aside into savings and the investments that you have. 

Then you'll be able to look at the way that those investments have worked over time. You will be able to get projections for how your investments will perform over the next thirty years. And, better yet, you'll be able to see how changing interest rates and inflation will affect the savings you have and investments that you've made during that time. 

But even more than that, you can explore the way that the investments your fee based advisor has suggested to you will benefit you or his or her practice. If you like what you see that's fantastic. But if you don't, you'll be able to make some important changes. 

In fact, you'll be able to use the retirement calculator to see the way that any number of changes to your investment strategy will affect your retirement income - changes that include making withdrawals from your retirement savings in order to cover necessary expenses that you have now. 

And after you've had the chance to determine which changes will really benefit you when you retire, you'll be able to talk with a trusted financial advisor who will have your best interest in mind. You'll be able to take advantage of this free consultation to ask questions that you have and get the advice that you need to help you to take your financial strategy, turn it into a plan and then to put that plan into action. 

With Bob's free retirement calculator you will be able to have the security of knowing that your financial consultant is working with you. You'll know that your goals are the same goals that your financial advisor has, and that his or her focus is on making those achievements. 

You deserve to reach your goals. You deserve financial security. You deserve to work with a financial consultant who will work for you. See for yourself how much better it is: click the blue button below to utilize Bob's free retirement calculator today.

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