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An Experienced Financial Advisor Can Help You Plan For Retirement
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Selecting an experienced financial advisor can be as important a decision as purchasing a home or a new car. You can actually get free help making this decision. On the surface, you may say there is no way you are going to pay out of your pocket the large sum of money you would for buying a home, but in the long run the selection of an experienced financial advisor could mean just as much for your future, and particularly for your retirement.

Getting referrals from friends and family is an excellent place to start your selection of an experienced financial advisor. But, you can Try Bob's free retirement calculator and the experts will help get you connected with a qualified retirement planning  consultant in your area.

When choosing an experienced financial advisor, the word "experienced" is not synonymous with the best. While an advisor just out of school has little or no experience, a financial advisor with 20 years in the field might have experience through time served, but you will need to know that experience was good. You can and should check the background of any experienced financial advisor before hiring them help you plan your retirement.

The education and designations of an experienced financial advisor is another area of importance. You might find financial advisors with a long list of initials after their name, but that doesn't  mean they are the best choice to plan your future. A degree in music does not qualify a person as a financial advisor, although your financial advisor  may have earned accreditation as a financial advisor through further education. A combination of a formal education in finance and/or economics, and designations is best. You will receive help from us with understanding those initials.

An experienced financial advisor will help you decide what backing, experience, and qualifications your advisor needs to have.

When it comes to planning finances for your retirement, instinct can be a powerful tool. You will be working with your experienced financial advisor closely and for many years. When you meet with an advisor, you need to feel comfortable talking with them about your personal finances, something that many people don't like to discuss with anyone. You should also feel confident about their knowledge, experience, and honesty. By using Bob's free retirement calculator and the free newsletter, you can relax and find just the right advisor to work with.

To help in your selection of an experienced financial advisor click here. You will also want to click the blue button at the bottomof page to access Bob's free retirement calculator. The retirement calculator was featured on 'The Saturday Early Show' by CBS' top financial analyst.

Both the Bob's free retirement calculator and our financial tips & hints newsletter will help you become more knowledgeable concerning finances in retirement and help you get connected with an experienced financial advisor.

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