The New Financial Advisor

An Introduction To The New Financial Advisor

Retire Fast.

What picture comes to mind when you think about a financial advisor? Do you see someone who is analyzing stocks and bonds and sorting through piles of paper while trying to get you to make decisions you're not comfortable? Or do you picture the new financial advisor - someone who listens to your concerns and helps you plan a future based on the things that you hope to accomplish?

The new financial advisor will help you look at your investment strategy. The new financial advisor will allow you to determine how much risk to take with your investments. The new financial advisor wants to build a relationship with you - not a relationship with your money. The new financial advisor wants you to be informed.

What kind of information should you have?

You should understand the investments that you have - your stocks, bonds, mutual funds and savings accounts that will provide your income once you retire - and the ways in which they've performed over time.

You should understand how projections about the performance of your savings and investments are made.  You should also understand how those projections are affected by changing interest rates and the value of inflation.

You should have an understanding of your investment personality as well as an understanding of your financial goals.

You should understand the differences between IRAs, annuity accounts, certificates of deposit and savings bonds. You should also understand the differences between stocks and mutual funds. 

The new financial advisor will help you to see how all of these pieces fit together, and how to use them to guarantee that you're able to save for the retirement that you've always dreamed that you'll have. But the key is that, with the new financial advisor, you need to be involved in your financial plan.

One way of getting the information that you need quickly is to download our free retirement calculator. With this calculator you'll be able to see what your savings and investments look like now. You?ll be able to see how they've preformed over time and how they are projected to perform.

You?ll also be able to see how the investments and savings that you have will be affected by changes that you make to your plan - determine how your retirement savings will be affected if you need to make a withdrawal from your retirement savings to pay off a debt or make a down payment on a home. You'll even be able to use our free retirement calculator to see how changes to your investment strategy can benefit you over time. 

But more importantly, after you've downloaded and used our free retirement calculator, you will be contacted for a free consultation with a retirement calculator. You'll be able to see for yourself how working with the new financial advisor can help you to secure the financial future you've always wanted.

Why settle for the old way of doing things - the way that gives you little control over your finances and investments? Understand your investments, understand your investment strategy and work with a new kind of financial advisor. Just click the red button to begin.