Your Long Term Care Company

Make Your Long Term Care Company Trustworthy?

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Do you feel comfortable with your long term care company? Do you trust that the investment that you've put in while paying for your policy has been worthwhile? Do you believe that your long term care company will follow through with their end of the bargain?

And even if you trust that your long term care company will provide the services they've promised if you need them, are you comfortable continuing to pay premiums on the policy with them when you could be using that money for other investments - investments that might make your retirement more financially comfortable.

Let's face it: The money that you pay to your long term care company has one goal - to finance the long term care that you may or may not need. In contrast, it's possible to plan for your retirement with that money and to then have it for whatever you need it for.

Are you aware that you can withdraw money from your retirement savings accounts to cover other expenses? If you need to, you can withdraw funds from your retirement savings to put a down payment on a new home, to finance your child's education or to cover short or long term medical care costs.

You may be aware of this. But your long term care company might not want you to be. Why? Because there is less of a chance that you'll continue funding your policy with them if you are aware that, with financial planning, you'll be able to accomplish far more - and still have the peace of mind that you can afford the costs of long term care.

How can you be sure that you are on top of your financial planning so that it is safe to break the connection with your long term care company? One way is to really understand your retirement goals. When you know what your goals are - whether they involve travel, spoiling the grandkids or covering medical expenses - you're better able to achieve them.

You can look more closely at your savings and investments and use them more wisely. Your financial advisor can help you with this or you can find ways of doing it on your own. One of those ways is to click the blue button at the bottom of this page to access Bob's free retirement calculator.

When you do, you'll be able to analyze your savings and investments more efficiently than ever before. You'll be able to get accurate information about how your investments have performed over time and get projections about how they will continue to perform over the next 30 years. Even better, those projections will take the affects of inflation and interest rates into account.

Once you have an idea about how well your investments have and will work for you, you'll be able to explore the ways in which changing your financial strategy will affect your retirement income. Explore a different mutual fund's performance or different stocks and see whether they would add or remove value from your portfolio; study the lasting affects of making a withdrawal from your retirement savings.

But know that you are in control of shaping your financial future. Get the support that you need from a financial advisor who will listen to your needs and goals and work with you to achieve them. Because we know that these retirement counselor's can sometimes be hard to find, when you access Bob's free retirement calculator you will receive a free consultation with a financial advisor.

You can use that consultation to get advice and have your questions answered. You can use it to get reassurance that you're making the right decisions or the guidance you need to get on the right path.

But in order to use it and take advantage of all that it has to offer, you need to click the blue button below to get the process started.


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