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When it comes to women and retirement, some people have concerns. Often times, at least in the past, women have not been the ones out in the workplace. As a result, many women haven't had their own retirement accounts -they've relied on shared accounts with their husbands.

But these days, now that more women are working -and some are even the primary breadwinner in the family -more and more women are planning for retirement. Some women are concerned that their financial advisors might take advantage of them. Some are worried that they just don't know how to set money aside for retirement when the kids need new clothes and there needs to be food on the table.

Regardless of the reasons that are standing in the way, women need to take planning for their retirements more seriously. If they are concerned that they will be talked down to by male financial advisors, then they need to work with women who are in the field. If they are worried that they are not making the best investments possible, they need to talk with someone who can help them make better plans.

And, ultimately, women who are planning for their retirement -women who are saving and investing in their own futures and the future of their families- need to make an effort to understand the way that they are planning for their retirement.

More likely than not, women who are planning for retirement are already extremely busy. Between work and their family and being with friends and just relaxing, many women don't feel that they have the time to research their savings and investments.

But being aware of her financial plan is not something that should take any woman a long time to do. In fact, it's as simple as accessing Bob's free retirement calculator by clicking the blue button below at the bottom of this page. Though our retirement calculator is offered free of charge, it is a powerful resource for learning about savings and investment accounts.

With this calculator, women -and men- can look at their savings and investment accounts to see how those accounts have performed over time. They can look at projections for how those accounts are expected to perform in the future.

Women and men will be able to use Bob's free retirement calculator to determine how changing interest rates and inflation will affect their retirement income. Women and men can investigate the ways that changes made to their retirement investment strategies will affect their income in the future.

But more importantly, our retirement calculator can be used as a tool for determining how withdrawals from retirement savings will affect income, both now and after retirement. Think about it: If money is needed for college tuition, with our retirement calculator it can be determined whether or not drawing it from retirement savings is a good idea.

Women: Doesn't that sound good to you? Do you see how using our retirement calculator can benefit you? You can control your savings. You can control your investments. And you can even determine whether or not you'll be able to withdraw money from your retirement savings if the time comes and you need more money to pay your child's college tuition.

With our free retirement calculator, you can have the best of both worlds: You can save and invest in your retirement for yourself. You can get accurate information without worrying that someone is trying to take advantage of you. You can save for your retirement and not have to worry about what will happen if you don't have the money for your child's tuition because you will be able to plan accordingly.

Imagine the weight that can be taken off your shoulders when you are in control of your financial planning. Now click the blue button below to access Bob's free retirement calculator, because you don't have to settle for imagining how controlling your retirement savings will feel -you can take that control for yourself.


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