Do You Have A 401k Financial Plan?

Do You Have A 401k Financial Plan?

How does your 401k fit into your financial plan?  Is it the only investment you have?  Did you choose it because your employer offered a matching contribution and it seemed to you that you'd be saving twice as much?  Did you look at other options, or was opening your 401k account the only thing you've done to establish your financial plan?

If you've made your 401k your entire financial plan, you may not have all the information that you need. You may not know how your 401k will be affected if you change jobs. You may not know about penalties that will be assessed if you make early withdrawals from your 401k account.

But, even more importantly, you may not be aware of the other options that are available to you. There are annuity accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and IRAs. Each of them has a number of advantages and disadvantages. And there are also ways in which each can be beneficial to your overall financial plan.

How do you research all of the savings and investments that are available?  How do you make sure that you are saving and investing well for the retirement goals that you have?  How can you be sure that your 401k account fits in with your financial plan?

One way is to Try Bob's Free Retirement Calculator because we've done that research for you. We've looked into the way different savings and investment strategies have paid off.

When you use Bob's Free Retirement Calculator, you'll be able to use our research to look at your own savings and investments. You'll be able to look at the way your savings accounts, including your 401k, stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed in the past.

Even more importantly, you'll be able to see how all of your investments are projected to perform in the future. You'll be able to look at how your savings accounts and your investments will work for you over the next 30 years, and the values that you see will reflect the ways that interest rates and inflation will affect your financial plan.

Regardless of what you see when you evaluate your 401k account and other financial plans, you'll be able to use Bob's Retirement Calculator to explore other options as well. Use our retirement calculator to explore the way other savings plans have and will perform. Use it to see which small changes to your investment strategy will affect your financial plan.

And once you've had the chance to explore your savings and investments, we'd also like to give you the opportunity to discuss what you've learned with a financial advisor. You'll be able to ask the questions you have, whether those questions involve how to branch out from your 401k being your only financial plan to having a diversified investment portfolio or those questions involve interest rates, and get the answers that you need.

During this free consultation with a financial planning expert, you'll be able to develop a great strategy for making your savings and investments work for you. You'll be able to turn that strategy into a plan and then to put that plan into action.

Your 401k can be a valuable part of your financial plan, but it doesn't need to be your only financial plan. Take the time to really understand your savings and investments and how they'll work for you. Just click the red button to get started. Learn more about your investments and how to make the right choices for your financial plan by Connecting with a Local TRUSTED Financial Advisor Today.


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