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Don't Get Caught In The Retirement Staffing Trap?

Retire Fast.

More and more companies are looking at retirement staffing options. This isn't to say that they are looking to replace a large number of employees because many of theirs are retiring - though that sometimes is the case. 

Instead, retirement staffing is a practice of looking for retirees to fill positions. Companies recognize that, more and more often, retirement isn't a permanent condition. Social Security is not well funded. People haven't invested as well as they thought they had. People hadn't saved enough.

And, as a result, people are returning to the work force after they've retired as a way to make sure that they can make ends meet. Their dreams for a retirement filled with relaxing vacations or grand adventures have crashed around them. Their hopes for helping put their grandchildren through college have been dashed.

Instead, they are forced to look for companies that believe in retirement staffing. They are forced to compete with much younger workers for jobs that aren?t necessarily desirable. What kinds of jobs are filled by retirement staffing? Jobs like superstore greeters and cashiers - jobs that aren't totally unlike those that teenagers just entering the workforce are competing for.

And, more and more, people are looking for new ways to ensure that they don't need to find a company that offers retirement staffing. More and more people are trying to take control over their investments and their saving strategies so that they don't end up in the position of looking for a new job after they've come to believe they no longer have to work.

But how can you get that control? What can you do to be sure that you are able to understand your investments and save well? What can you do to see factors that are affecting your savings and investments before harm is done to your financial future?

One thing that you can do is to try Bob's free retirement calculator. You can use it in a number of ways:

  • See how the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you've invested in have performed over time;
  • Get projections for how your investments will perform;
  • Understand how interest rates and inflation will affect your savings;
  • Test different investment strategies to determine which might be even better ways for you to save;
  • Understand the way that every change you make to your retirement accounts will affect you in the long run whether it involves buying shares of a new stock or withdrawing money from your retirement savings early so that you can use the money for an important purchase now.

The retirement calculator allows you to carefully examine your savings and investments without having to do all of the research on your own. But the changes you decide to make to your investment strategy - you don't need to make those on your own either.

When you access Bob's free retirement calculator, you will also have a free one-on-one consultation with a financial advisor. During that conversation you can get answers to the questions you have. You can also get advice for putting your new strategies to work. 

Why get stuck doing retirement staffing and working when you could have a financially stable retirement without taking a job? All it takes is planning carefully. See for yourself how simple it is - click the blue button below to access Bob's free retirement calculator

Find an investment strategy that will give you the retirement that you've always dreamed of. Keep yourself out of the workplace once you've left it. All it takes is a click of the blue button below and the willingness to follow through.