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When it comes to having a financially secure future, it helps to have a solid retirement planning program to keep you Retire Fast. 

What could happen if you didn't have a retirement planning program? You might find that you've made poor investment choices. You might learn that it's not possible for you to use money from your retirement savings the way that others do - withdrawing from their savings to put the down payment on a new home. You might find - even worse than that - that you cannot afford to retire, that you cannot afford basic costs of living, let alone traveling or unexpected medical expenses.

And, if you learned that you couldn't afford to retire - let alone have the retirement you've always dreamed of - and you had decided that there was no reason to participate in a retirement planning program, you would have no one to blame but yourself.

Rather than finding that the effort you put into planning your future failed, wouldn't you rather take the time to develop a retirement plan? Don't you think that it would be better to have a retirement planning program through which you could be sure that you can reach your retirement goals?

Of course you do. No one wants to get to the brink of retirement only to find that they are nowhere near prepared for it. No one wants to struggle to pay the bills. No one wants to be stuck working when all of their friends have retired and are enjoying family time, travel or whatever else they want.

And that's why you're working to find a solid retirement planning program. But you also want to be sure that you have control, that you can invest your way and that you can know how your investments are going to pay off.

But you might not know the best way of putting a retirement planning program to work for you. That's why we hope that you'll take advantage of Bob's free retirement calculator.

With our retirement calculator, you will be able to analyze the investments that you've made to see how they've performed over time. You'll be able to look at projections for those investments - how they will hold up over time under varying interest rates and inflation.

Maybe you'll like what you see - maybe you'll find that you are already headed down the exact path that you want to follow to your retirement. But maybe you won't like what you see at all.

Maybe your investments aren't performing well - and maybe that's because they are performing slowly or, worse, maybe they are losing money. Maybe that withdrawal that your financial advisor encouraged you to take from your retirement savings is the difference between keeping your home or having to downsize after you've retired. Wouldn't you rather be able to find ways of changing your investment strategy now?

Another feature of our retirement calculator is that you can use it to explore different investment plans without the risk or losing money. Enter information about the investments you're thinking of making and see what would happen if you made it.

And to stay on top of those changes that can affect your retirement savings so much, sometimes you need some good advice.  That's why, when you access Bob's free retirement calculator, you'll be contacted for a free consultation with a trusted retirement counselor. 

During that conversation you'll be able to get questions answered. You'll be able to get advice on turning your strategies into plans and putting those plans into action.

Whether you already have a retirement planning program or you are just looking to begin one, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you're prepared for the retirement you deserve. See for yourself what a difference planning can make: Click the blue button below, access Bob's free retirement calculator and make sure that your retirement will be all that you dream it will be.