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Retirement planning consulting is something that you can find in a number of ways. You can look for information on the Internet, in your local newspaper, in financial magazines or you can ask your financial advisor for his or her opinion.

But even with retirement planning consulting there's a lot of information that you will need to sort through.  You'll still need to evaluate your own financial planning goals.

Even with retirement planning consulting you'll need to understand your own financial planning strategy.  You'll need to understand how stocks, bonds and mutual funds work and how they have performed over time.

Though with retirement planning consulting you'll be able to get projections about how different investments will perform, you'll still need to understand interest rates and inflation and how they affect the savings that you have when you retire.

In fact, when you get retirement planning consulting, you'll likely hear about different investment strategies. You'll need to have some flexibility, but you also need to have an idea about what will and what won't work for you. You'll need to have identified your financial goals and what you want to do during your retirement.

You'll need to know how much money you have that you can save and invest now. You'll also need to know how a withdrawal you make from your retirement savings for something you need to pay for now will affect the income you have after you retire.

Maybe you're thinking that the reason you've looked for retirement planning consulting is that you want to have access to all of this information. Maybe you're wondering why anyone would seek out financial planning consulting if there's still so much that you will need to know and understand.

The reason why you need the information before you get retirement planning consulting is a simple one.  How else will you know that the advice that you are getting will really work for you?

By understanding your investments and your goals, you are more likely to get information that you can use when you speak with a financial advisor.

We want to prove that to you. That's why we encourage you try Bob's free retirement calculator.   Use it to analyze the investments you have or even the investments that you want to make. Look at performance projections. Consider the ways in which you could change your investment strategy that would make achieving your retirement goals easier.

And then take advantage of a free consultation with one of our trusted financial analysts. That's right: When you access Bob's free retirement calculator, you also get access to free retirement planning consulting from one of our retirement experts.

We want you to see for yourself the benefits of understanding your investment strategy before you receive retirement planning consulting. We want you to see for yourself the ways in which your investments have and will continue to perform. We want you to see the benefits of changing your financial plan for yourself.

And then we want to give you the retirement counseling that you need to put your plans into action so that you can be sure that all of your retirement goals are achieved.

Take control of your future. Understand your investments and your savings strategy. Then talk with a professional who will help you make sure that you make the best investments for reaching your goals. Get started by clicking the blue button below to access Bob's free retirement calculator now.