Retirement Annuity Calculator

Retirement Annuity Calculator
Retire Fast.

Thinking About Annuity Accounts? Create Your Own Based on the Savings and Investments that You Already Have 

There comes a time when, while planning for the financial future, many people worry about having the money that they need now as well as in the future. For them, being able to have an annual payout from their savings and investments sounds ideal. 

As a result, when many people plan their retirement they look into annuity accounts. They deposit their money into an account, and then choose whether to receive annuity payments right away or after they have allowed a certain amount of interest to build. 

However, an annuity account is not the only way to guarantee that you have the money that you need both now and after you have retired. With a retirement annuity calculator, you can determine the best way of planning for your financial future with investments that would allow you to withdraw from your retirement savings now as well as after you have retired. 

With a retirement annuity calculator, you can withdraw money from your savings every year you will still have the money you need when you retire. You will be able, with a retirement annuity calculator to determine how much of your retirement savings you can withdraw to help to pay for medical or education expenses. Or you could use a retirement annuity calculator to determine the amount of money that you can withdraw from your retirement savings to reinvest so that you can build an even more secure financial future. 

While you could spend time researching your investments, interest rates and inflation as well as researching the financial markets, a retirement annuity calculator can do the work for you: it can show you a way to invest that you are comfortable with and that will work for you to ensure your financial security. 

And, all that it takes is a click of the mouse or tap of your finger on the blue button at the bottom of this page. When you make that click, you will not just download a free retirement annuity calculator. You will also be able to determine the right way for you to save for your retirement while remaining financially comfortable now. With it, you will be able to evaluate investment strategies to figure out which one is the most likely to get you where you want to be. 

All of the research that you could do has already been built into the retirement calculator. It gives you the ability to see how your savings and investments have performed over time. It also shows you projections for how they will continue to perform - projections that take interest rates and inflation into consideration to show you the real value of your retirement savings. 

Similarly, you will be able to get projections for the performance of investments that you have thought about making. And you will be able to use it to evaluate other changes to your savings and investments as well -- changes including making an annual withdrawal from your retirement savings. 

In effect, you will be able to use the retirement annuity calculator to set up your own annuity account. And, to help you with the process, when you download our free retirement calculator you will also be able to have a free one on one consultation with a financial planner. 

During that consultation, you can discuss your thoughts and questions with a retirement counselor who will help you to plan for the retirement you want - whether or not you want to retire with an annuity that starts now or later. After that consultation, you may decide that taking an annuity from your retirement savings is not something you want to do or that you are comfortable. You may choose to invest specifically in an annuity account for the sake of peace of mind. 

Whatever you choose though, it is important that you know that the decision you made is based on the facts of your own situation. Take the time to understand your investment strategies. Click the blue button below to download the free retirement calculator and plan for the retirement that's right for you.