Retire Annuities

Will Your Annuities Grow Until You Retire?
Retire Fast.

There's always something that you could use a little bit more money for, something you want to buy, like a house or a car, or something you want to do with your family like taking a vacation. This is especially true when you're saving for your retirement.

You grew up believing that if you worked hard and saved money, the future that you'd always dreamed you would have would be ripe and waiting for you. You filled your head with visions of a condo near the beach, world travel, of getting together with a friend for relaxing games of golf, time with your family or anything else that you desired.

But now you're realizing that there's something important that no one ever told you. You're starting to notice a pattern, and you don't like it at all. Every month you contribute to your IRA, you invest in stocks or savings bonds or you add money to your annuity account. And every month, by the time you set aside money for retirement and pay the bills there's not really anything left for you to spend for fun.

While no one would suggest that you should use all of your savings to go out with your friends, it's not to suggest that saving for retirement isn't one of the most important things that you can do. But it is to say that there are choices that you can make that will help you keep a bit more cash in your pocket now even while you are saving.

One way of doing so is to cash in your retirement annuities, to begin taking payouts before you retire. But there's another way that may be easier.

What if you could take a good look at your retirement savings and determine how much money you could withdraw without having a negative impact on your income once you retire? What if there was a simple tool that you could use to predict the way your investments would perform, a simple way of determining how interest and inflation rates would affect your savings? Would you want to check it out?

We're hoping that you will. Ray Martin, the CBS News financial analyst hopes that you will too (he recommended the product on the CBS Saturday Early Show). This tool, a free retirement calculator available right here on this page will let you explore your retirement savings.

With it, you'll be able to track the way stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed over time. You'll be able to look at interest and inflation and see how you can expect those investments to grow over time. But, the most valuable service that this tool has to offer is the ability to see how you can turn your retirement savings into an account with annuities, not an annuity account, but rather a source of extra cash that you can withdraw each and every year.

'But my savings isn't an annuities account,' you might be thinking. Or you might be thinking 'what if I withdraw money from my savings now only to find out that I don't have enough money left to retire the way that I want to?'

Rest assured that if you use our retirement calculator, you'll be able to see how each withdrawal from your savings will affect your finances after you retire. Unlike a retirement annuities account, you'll be able to determine the exact amount that you withdraw. 

And, if you have any questions after you've taken a serious look at your savings and investments, you'll be able to ask them of the professional retirement counselor who will contact you for a free consultation. That's right; not only is the retirement calculator a free tool that will show you how to use your retirement savings right now to get the things that you want and need, but also you will get a free consultation with a financial advisor who can help you make sure that all of your retirement dreams come true.

How much of the money that you've set aside for when you retire can you use now? Find out how much you can withdraw, as if you were receiving a payout from annuities, by clicking the blue button below to get started now.